Wrong Way Driving Leads to Car Crash

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys saw news about a wrong way crash that happened on Sunday that caused multiple accidents.  Fortunately no one was killed or seriously injured, but this kind of reckless driving should not be tolerated.

The driver that caused these crashes was Alysha Tacarra Harvin, a 24 year old from Jonesboro, who was driving the wrong way down Interstate-85 in Gwinnett County. She was driving southbound in the northbound lanes near the Lawrenceville exit in the early hours of the morning, starting near mile marker 106 at the exit SR 316.  She drove nearly four miles down the highway going the wrong way before police caught her near the Beaver Ruin Road exit, south of Steve Reynolds Boulevard.  The multiple car accidents she caused were near Pleasant Hill.  Gwinnet Police Sergeant R.D. Work told reporters, “That incident caused one vehicle to flip several times while the others collided with each other.”  At about 4am a 911 call was received saying a car was travelling the wrong way and that there was a hit and run.  Then an SUV flipped trying to avoid Ms. Harvin’s car, which caused chain reaction accidents with the other cars.  Fire and rescue crews responded to the accidents and it is amazing that no one was injured in this circumstance.

Wrong Way Sign

Unsurprisingly, it turns out Ms. Harvin had been drinking when she did all this and caused so much damage.  She admitted to police officers that she had been drinking earlier that night at a nightclub in Atlanta.  She registered a 0.158 on a breath test – the legal limit for driving is 0.08,  so she was at twice the legal limit.  A second breathalyzer test showed a 0.159.  After being arrested, Alysha Harvin was charged with DUI, hit and run, reckless driving, and driving on the wrong side of the road.  She was released on $2,942 in bail later on Sunday, but will face her actions in court.  She is already set to appear in court in Clayton County next month from a citation she got in July on driving without having her license with her.  Her criminal case will likely go forward not long after.

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If you or a family member has been injured in a car crash with a negligent driver, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Sammons & Carpenter may be able to help get the compensation needed and deserved.  Even though there were no serious injuries in the series of accidents connected to Ms. Harvin’s drunk and reckless driving, often the innocent fellow motorists are not so lucky.  This kind of reckless driving, including being under the influence of alcohol, is a public danger and every method possible to prevent future unnecessary actions must be taken.  Contact the Law Office of Sammons & Carpenter as soon as possible at 404-991-5950, or fill out our confidential online case evaluation form for a free consultation today to see what can be done about your case.

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