Winter Weather Causes Road Havoc

Across the region, people are digging out from winter weather that has hammered the Atlanta area this week. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers are no exception. Georgia Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency when the storm hit. Stories abound of people in Atlanta stuck on the roads overnight as drivers struggled with snow and ice on the roads. In downtown, it became so bad people abandoned their vehicles on the street, leaving the city littered with cars and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency had to ask people to go get their cars today to clear the roads.


Compounding the problem of the bad weather itself, the government, schools, and businesses all closed down at the same time, which meant everyone was on the road trying to get home at the same time. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed admitted to reporters that this was a mistake to be avoided in the future. Thousands of kids were stuck at schools or on buses, as well, as the metropolitan area was paralyzed by the storm. One man took 25 hours to get from Alpharetta to Atlanta. One stranded woman told reporters, “I’m about to lose my mind, literally. It’s horrible.” The traffic downtown was so bad, security guards and doormen went into the streets filled with honking traffic and tried to direct cars themselves. In total, an estimated 50 million people across the southeast United States were affected.

The storm caused many accidents – according to the Georgia State Patrol there were 1,254 accidents resulting in 130 injuries due to the bad weather. In Georgia there were only two deaths, both single-vehicle accidents, one running into a ditch and the other a tree. Other nearby states also suffered, and the storm is blamed for ten deaths across the southeast.

This storm shows the danger of driving in winter weather. Northerners may be used to snow and ice, but in Georgia, it is uncommon and many people do not have winter weather driving skills, or cars equipped to drive well in such conditions. Mayor Reed asked people to stay home and let the city try to clean up the roads. It is important to learn from this week that careful driving, or staying home and not driving, is critical in bad weather. Dangerous driving over the speed limit or other reckless behaviors is compounded in bad weather, and many accidents were caused by bad drivers, in combination with the bad weather.

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