Two Tractor Trailers Crash

Undoubtedly, tractor trailer crashes can be some of the most serious and deadly of vehicle accidents.  Recently, there was news of a crash involving not one, but two tractor trailers, resulting in three fatalities.

This deadly December crash happened on Interstate 75, near exit 296 in Cartersville.  According to Gordy White, a spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol, around 1:50 am a northbound tractor trailer was on the left shoulder and hit a guardrail and a concrete pillar in succession. The truck rolled on its side and caught fire. Then, the sign fell in the southbound lane and was hit by another tractor trailer. That driver also lost control of his truck, which also caught fire. The driver of the first truck, 43-year-old George Benjamin White, and his passenger, 36-year-old Jermaine Duriel Smith, both died, as did 58-year-old Hugh Bruce Duling III, the driver of the second truck. The news did not say what caused Mr. White to run off the road and hit the pillar, which started the chain reaction resulting in this fatal accident. Nevertheless,  the combination of these powerful vehicles and human error is frightening.

18wheelsOther times, like a January incident, the cause of the problem is much more evident. Another trucker, James William Geasley, Jr., has been arrested and charged with aggressive driving.  A 26-year-old woman claims her Camry’s check engine light came on, and she tried to switch lanes when a tractor trailer sped up behind her in Bartow County. He began honking his horn and flashing his lights for several minutes, until she moved back into the center lane. Then, he suddenly moved into the center lane in an attempt to cut her off and run her off the road. His response was, “I may have wobbled into her lane.”  But he admitted that he sped up and slowed down several times in order to try to get the Camry to change lanes. This kind of aggressive driving behavior is dangerous at any time, in any vehicle, but it is especially dangerous when a tractor trailer driver acts in this dangerous and reckless fashion against a much smaller and more vulnerable car. Mr. Geasley was very lucky that this did not cause a serious accident, which could have caused severe injuries or death to those in the Camry.

Atlanta Trucking Accident Attorney
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