Two Killed in Deadly Accident in North Georgia

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys see news stories about fatal car accidents too frequently, and also hear from clients’ personal stories of damaging and even fatal car accidents. Last week in Georgia, another such story came up.

12133851256_1a298ca3f4Last Friday there was an accident in Dade County. Just before 8 a.m., a black Ford Mustang, driven by Audrey Bruneo, a 52-year-old from Wisconsin, was going westbound on 1-24 when it crossed the median and went into the eastbound lanes, t-boning a Chevrolet Trailblazer, then crashing into a Nissan Altima, and then clipping a Jeep Patriot, which overturned on impact. Ms. Bruneo died from the impact of the accident due to injuries sustained in the crash. The Nissan Altima was driven by Brooke Cole, a 43-year-old from Alabama, who also died from injuries sustained in the crash. The other drivers, 50-year-old Belinda Griffith, and 50-year-old Sandra Kay Chitwood, both survived the accident. They were taken to hospitals nearby for examination and treatment.

The accident happened hear the Georgia 299 exit on I-24 in Wildwood, which is southwest of Chattanooga, and near the junction with I-59, which is a heavy commuter route from northeast Alabama. The accident backed up traffic during the morning commute on both these roads.

Georgia State Patrol’s Sergeant Tommy Sturdivan told reporters that Ms. Bruneo had a cellphone in her hand when she died, but that they were still determining the exact cause of the accident. He said, “The speed limit through there is, as we all know, 70 mph before we get into Tennessee so I would expect interstate speeds for the impact.” Dylcia Martinez witnessed the accident from her car with her young niece and nephew. She said, “Just saw fumes and parts of the car flying away and that’s when I came to the side. It’s very scary to think that we had plans and this family had plans too. It’s scary. You never know what can happen on the road.” Sgt. Sturdivan said the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is still investigating.

Unfortunately that wasn’t even the only accident on I-59 that day. A car rear-ended an 18-wheel tractor trailer near the exit for New England, Georgia, and a helicopter had to come to evacuate a victim of that accident.

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