Truck Crash Causes Bee Swarm

Large commercial vehicles are dangerous on our roads if not driven safely.  And not only from the accidents themselves, but also from what they can spill if they get into an accident.  Our Atlanta truck accident lawyers saw news articles last week about one truck that turned over and let loose millions of bees near Atlanta.

In what seemed like a strange news story, a truck carrying bee hives had a tire blow out, hit a guardrail and spilled both hives and honey on I-75 in Monroe County.  It happened near the Ga. 18 bridge in Forsyth.  The county Emergency Management Agency director Matthew Perry told reporters, “It looked like there was a rain cloud around everybody.  There was a giant mound of honeycomb and bees.”  He also said it was the most bees he’d ever seen and estimated there must have been millions.  Perry noted, “That was a sticky mess.”

Bee and Flower

While this sounds like just an interesting piece of news, swarming bees can actually be very dangerous.  In 2011, a truck carrying beehives overturned in Utah, releasing 25 million bees.  The driver of the truck and a passenger had to be hospitalized for bee stings.  Drivers nearby the crash were told to keep their windows closed to keep the swarming bees out for fear of further stings and injuries.  This type of accident is common enough, and seen as enough of a danger, that the state of New Jersey actually has an action plan, updated this year, entitled “Procedures for controlling Bee Spills in New Jersey”.  It is published by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture.

In this accident in Monroe County, crews had to spray water to disburse the swarms of bees.  Beekeepers in protective gear had to be called in to assist moving the pieces to the grass, in picking up broken beehives, getting the bees to come back, and putting the reconstructed hives in boxes to be taken away.  It took a whole say to sort everything out and both lanes of traffic were closed. Fortunately no one was injured in the accident or stung by the swarming bees, which was helped by the cooler weather and that, despite the accident, the bees weren’t agitated.

This recent accident could have been a lot worse if it had involved bee stings, which can be dangerous and require medical attention.  The cargo the tractor trailer is carrying is often an added danger, as here, and means that both the equipment, like the tires, and the driver of these large vehicles need to take extra care.

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