Tragic Accident on I-85

Our Atlanta vehicle accident attorneys saw a tragic news story about a young assistant basketball coach at Dalton State University and his fiancé being involved in a horrible car accident on their way home to Alabama on Interstate 85.

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John Redman, a 23-year-old assistant basketball coach at Dalton, and his fiancé, 25-year-old Brittany Huber, were driving from Dalton to Mobile, their hometown, on Tuesday night, April 29. Brittany, who was born deaf, worked as a paraprofessional at City Park Elementary School and was working on a degree in studio art. John is a former high school and college athlete who stopped playing due to an injury and started working as a student coach in college before being hired as an assistant coach at Dalton. At Dalton, he helps with recruiting and makes reports on teams Dalton is scheduled to play against. Friends say basketball is his passion. Brittany and John were supposed to get married this weekend in Alabama.

That night, there was a heavy rainstorm in the area. During the drive, about 40 miles south of Atlanta near Newnan, Georgia in Meriwether County, John lost control of their car, a 2008 Lexus, drove over the median and crashed into a bridge support on the passenger side. Brittany, in the passenger seat, died at the scene. John was rescued unconscious and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Doctors say tests show his condition is not worsening, but he is in a “drug induced sleep” to help recover from brain injuries after head trauma during the accident. He also broke several bones, including some of his ribs. Despite the pouring rain and severe weather at the time, the Georgia State Patrol stated that the weather was not the cause of the accident. Investigators from a specialized collision reconstruction team are working on a report on what exactly happened during the crash.

This weekend, Brittany’s friends wore their bridesmaid dresses that should have been worn for a happier occasion. The weekend that was supposed to celebrate her wedding instead had friends and family attending her funeral. Brittany’s cousin and bridesmaid, Sonya Atwood, said, “We all have on our bridesmaids dresses tonight to pay tribute to Brittany, she would have loved that, she loved those dresses.”

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Car accidents are all too often tragic and cause the unnecessary and early death of someone who had a lot to live for. This is the reason safe and responsible driving is such a serious issue for all of us, because none of us are alone on the road. If a negligent driver on the road has hurt you or a loved one, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer. To discuss the specifics of your case and any steps to move forward in legal avenues to help your family through the difficult time, contact the Law Office of Sammons & Carpenter as soon as possible at 404-814-8948, or fill out our confidential online case evaluation form for a free consultation today.

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