Tractor Trailer Driver Charged for Accident in Georgia

Last Saturday, a tractor trailer accident caused the death of a 40 year old Marietta, Georgia, man, Hafiz M. Ilyas, according to news sources. Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys know that these kinds of accidents are all too common and that tractor trailer accidents often result in injuries or fatalities to the people in the passenger car, rather than the truck.

The accident occurred on I-85 southbound in an unincorporated area of Suwanee in Gwinnett County, near the Old Peachtree Street overpass.  Mr. Ilyas car, a green 1994 Toyota Camry, was in the far right lane.  A tractor trailer, driven by Raymond L. Hatt Jr., 35 years old and from Manton, Georgia, was in the lane next to Mr. Ilyas.  Hatt changed lanes without looking properly, cutting off Mr. Ilyas  and forcing him to drive on the shoulder.  He lost control of his car, veered back in the road and hit Hatt’s tractor trailer.  The car got stuck under the trailer of the truck and then caught fire, and Mr. Ilyas was trapped.  People at the scene and video footage shows the trailer engulfed in white smoke, and photographs show the Camry wedged under the trailer.  One witness, Anabela Kovacs from Jackson County, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “The small car was pressed between the tractor trailer and the railing, completely engulfed in fire.”  The accident blocked traffic for most of the day as investigators were on the scene.

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Tragically, Mr. Ilyas died at the scene of the accident.  Hatt was taken to the Gwinnett Detention Center and has now been charged with second degree vehicular homicide, unsafe lane change, and failure to signal a lane change.

Tractor trailer accidents happen too frequently, and drivers of these massive vehicles need to be more careful and responsible.  This week another news story emerged of two tractor trailers that swiped each other on Interstate 675 at Forest Parkway in Clayton County.  Fortunately no one was injured.  But the accident caused the maple syrup that one truck was carrying to spill all over the road.  That may sound like a silly news story, but imagine if that maple syrup had been a dangerous chemical or toxic substance that was being transported?  Or if there had been a small passenger vehicle, like Mr. Ilyas’s, involved in the accident?  Tractor trailers are powerful vehicles and can cause a lot of damage, and in the maple syrup case it was just a lucky circumstance that the worst thing that happened when two trucks collided is a spilled sugary substance to clean up.

Atlanta Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyers

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