Tractor Trailer Causes Three Accidents

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys read a terrible story about a Wal-Mart tractor trailer that lost control and caused three accidents on I-285 on Saturday two weeks ago, one of them being fatal. It was a Saturday morning and the Wal-Mart truck was travelling northbound when it struck a median wall, jack-knifed, and damaged a car travelling southbound.  It happened about a mile south of the Donald Lee Hollowell exit at 8:30 am.

Wal-Mart Truck

As the Wal-Mart truck lost control, other vehicles on the road tried to avoid the tractor trailer accident and ended up in more accidents.  A Chevrolet Impala swerved to avoid the accident and hit the rear of a Nissan Maxima, both of them running into the right emergency lane.  A second and third tractor trailer got into an accident too- the second from Flagship Transportation which hit a SWIFT Company tractor trailer, driven by John Hildebrand. The Flagship tractor trailer, driven by John Paul Cromwell, kept going and smashed into the back of a BMW, which pushed the BWM across the road, into the right emergency lane, and then into a fence, finally coming to an uncontrolled stop around the 600 block of Harwell Road.  Sanford Coleman, a 59 year old from Fayetteville, was driving the BMW. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition, where he died of his injuries. Atlanta police department spokesman Sergeant Gregory Lyon said it was unclear how many others were injured in the multiple crashes. He said, “From what I gather, any other injuries suffered [from the crash] were minor.”

John Paul Cromwell is charged with vehicular manslaughter and misdemeanour following too closely for his role in starting the chain of events in this multi-vehicle accident. I-295 both north and southbound were shut down for an hour after this accident, and then only two lanes were open, backing up traffic.

These kind of tractor trailer accidents are all too common. Just last weekend, another tractor trailer crash injured three people in Cherokee County.  A tractor trailer was trying to turn on Sunday and overcorrected, hitting an oncoming car then jack-knifing.  The car it hit overturned, and a second car rear ended the truck’s trailer.  The woman driving the overturned vehicle was seriously injured and two in the second car suffered minor injuries.  These truck accidents are dangerous and destructive and drivers need to be aware that caution must be used when driving large commercial vehicles.

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