Texting Drivers More Likely Than Absent-Minded Motorists to Cause Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving is the cause of a significant number of accidents, which has prompted extensive research into the dangers of operating a vehicle without 100 percent focus. Insurance Journal reported recently on a study in which researchers aimed to determine whether a “sixth sense” could lessen the risks associated with driving while texting. Researchers also aimed to determine if texting was more distracting than driving while upset or than driving while absentminded. distracted driving accident

Unfortunately, researchers found that texting drivers were far more dangerous than motorists who were coping with other distractions. Texting and driving significantly increases accident rates, which is why it is unlawful. Some motorists, however, opt to text while they are driving a car despite the risks that this behavior presents.

An experienced Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in situations where a driver has caused a collision while texting. An attorney can help victims to hold a distracted driver accountable for the consequences of any accidents he causes while not paying attention, so get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you can after a collision occurs.

Sixth Sense & Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents

Researchers from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute asked volunteers to drive the same highway segment four separate times. They were asked to do this one time without any distractions. The other three times, they were asked to drive while texting, to drive while answering cognitively difficult questions; and to drive while answering questions which were emotionally charged. The order in which the volunteers did the drives was random.

The researchers found that on all three drives when the motorists were focused on things other than the road, the drivers became “jittery with respect to normal driving.” However, the jittery handling ended up causing the drivers to deviate from their lane or engage in other unsafe driving behaviors only when the motorists were texting, not when they were doing other activities.

The reason that the texting drivers were less safe than motorists faced with other distractions is because of the brain functions performed in the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). ACC automatically intervenes to correct errors when there is a conflict. When the driver was exposed to stressors, like emotionally or cognitively difficult questions, the levels of psychological stress is raised and the drivers get jittery. The ACC intervenes to counterbalance the jitters, so there is no veering out of the lane.

Unfortunately, to serve this function and stop lane deviation, the ACC needs to get support from the hand-eye coordination loop. When a driver texts, the loop is broken and the ACC cannot correct jittery driving movements. Lane deviation is more likely, and the accident risk goes up. Drivers who make the choice to text despite the serious danger it presents need to be held accountable for their actions by crash victims who get hurt as a result.

Getting Help from an Atlanta Distracted Driving Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you love was in an accident with a distracted driver, you need to understand your rights and take steps to pursue a case for compensation. An experienced attorney can help you to show the crash was the fault of the motorist who failed to pay attention.

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