Teens May Be At Greater Risk of Atlanta Distracted Driving Collisions Than Previously Believed

Teens are the age group most likely to become involved in car crashes for many reasons. One big reason why teens are at such great risk is that they may be more susceptible to distraction. Many young people use electronic devices as they drive. Teens with young passengers in the car with them are also not very effective at multi-tasking and tend to become involved in more crashes than if they are in the vehicle alone. boys-1185050-m

While the dangers of distracted driving accidents have been well-known for some time, a recent study conducted by the AAA Traffic Foundation shows that the risk to teens may be much worse than previously anticipated.  The new AAA study suggests that teens may be four times more likely to become involved in distracted driving crashes than earlier estimates showed. 

Teen Distracted Driving a Danger to Motorists

Prior records of teen distracted driving collisions were based on police data. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has now taken a new approach to determining how many crashes involve distracted driving. The AAA Foundation reviewed videos that were taken in teen crashes. The videos came from systems that are installed in vehicles by parents in order to monitor how their teen children were driving. When there is a sudden impact, when a teen steps on the brakes hard, or when the car takes a curve too quickly, the video begins to record.

According to the Washington Post, AAA reviewed almost 1,700 videos that depicted the seconds before a motor vehicle collision. The videos included acceleration data, audio data, and video data. The researchers looked to see whether the motorists in the vehicles were distracted. Based on the review of the videos, it was revealed that a total of 58 percent of teens who were involved in accidents were distracted in the time leading up to the crash.

There were six primary distractions identified that were responsible for the bulk of the teen car crashes. These included:

  • Passenger interactions. A total of 15 percent of teen distracted driving accidents involved teens paying attention to other passengers inside of their vehicles.
  • Cell phone use. Teens were on their phones in about 12 percent of accidents.
  • Looking at something in the car.
  • Looking at something outside the car that was not the road.
  • Singing or moving to music.
  • Grooming behaviors.
  • Reaching over to grab items inside the car

Teens do not have as much driving experience and aren’t as able to make quick decisions when hazards arise, so when they do these behaviors, there is a very real chance they will hurt themselves or others. When they do, victims need to get the legal help they need to try to recover compensation for damages.  If a teen becomes involved in a crash due to distracted driving, the Atlanta car accident lawyers at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can provide representation to victims who need to get compensation for their collision losses.

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