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Our Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers read about a really horrific case of medical malpractice in our state that is now the subject of a lawsuit.   Two women have died due to liposuction surgery at a medical clinic in Georgia, and the family of one of the women brought the case against the clinic.

Surgery Credit

April Jenkins, a 37 year old woman went to Opulence Aesthetic Medicine on February 19. Opulence is a cosmetic surgery clinic and a medical spa and is located in Kennesaw, Georgia.  The company that owns it operates clinics in 45 states and ten foreign countries.  Ms. Jenkins went to Opulence for a liposuction surgery.  The lawsuit alleges that her medical vital signs were not recorded before the surgery.  Dr. Nedra Dodds performed the surgery, but apparently there were no nurses in the room and Dr. Dodds put her under anesthesia by soaking a rag in the drug propofol and stuffing it into her mouth.  She was not put on a cardiac monitor, either. And during the surgery Dr. Dodds allegedly punctured her liver.  The sloppy doctor didn’t even record when the liposuction surgery was finished according to the lawsuit, which also alleges Ms. Jenkins was showing clear signs of having a seizure.  She stopped breathing, but 911 was not called for ten minutes after that.  April Jenkins was already dead by the time she got to the hospital.  Her father, Hal Jenkins, has now sued Dr. Dodds, Opulence Aesthetic Medicine and their parent company CLJ Healthcare LLC.  The lawsuit, in Cobb County State Court, is asking for damages for wrongful death, pain and suffering, professional negligence, and funeral costs.

Even more disturbing is news that after April Jenkins’ tragic and horrible death, another woman died at the same clinic during a cosmetic surgery procedure. In June, Erica Beaubrun, a 28 year old from Florida, was at the clinic undergoing a procedure when the police were called there for “suspicious activity”. When emergency officers got to the scene, she was in cardiac arrest and apparently had been for some 22 minutes before emergency services were called.  They found her lying in a pool of her own blood.  The EMTs were able to get a heartbeat and brought her to Kennestone Hospital, but they believed she was brain dead by the time she got there.