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Motorcycles and other smaller vehicles are always more vulnerable on the road than bigger, tougher vehicles.  Extra caution needs to be taken around these more vulnerable vehicles, but often that caution is not taken by drivers.  That was shown all too clearly when last month our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys saw a sad story of a local fire inspector’s death in a motorcycle crash.

Dan Harden was a 56 year old fire inspector with the Albany Fire Department when he was involved in a tragic crash in September.  He was riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle to work on Pinewood Road in Lee County.  It was about seven in the morning.  A Chevrolet Tahoe, driven by Karis Stubbs, turned in front of him and into his path.  The Harley hit the back of the Tahoe and Harden ended up being thrown into the road.  He was then in the path of another SUV, driven by Kimberly Sebastian, although it was unclear if this other SUV hit him.  Mr. Harden died of his injuries at the scene of the accident.


No charges were filed in Mr. Harden’s death, but the Georgia State Patrol is still investigating the crash.