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According to a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, around 25,000 collisions occur in the United States each year as a result of debris on the road. Accidents caused by debris cause anywhere from 80 to 90 deaths annually on average, and cause a significant number of property damage only crashes or collisions where injuries happen. Road debris can come from a lot of different sources, but debris commonly ends up falling off of or out of trucks or other vehicles. car crash

Truck drivers are obliged to follow cargo-loading rules set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and truckers and their employers can be held responsible when unsecured or unbalanced cargo causes a car crash to happen. These professional drivers, however, are not the only ones with safety obligations when it comes to securing cargo. An Atlanta car accident attorney can provide assistance to victims involved in accidents caused by debris on the roadways, even if the debris was left by a regular driver. If you can prove negligence led to the debris that caused your crash, you should be entitled to compensation for all resulting economic and non-financial losses.

Responsibility for Atlanta Car Accidents Due to Improperly Secured Cargo

Drunk and drugged drivers are breaking Georgia criminal laws when they get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol or other substances affecting their ability to drive safely. These motorists face serious criminal charges, because criminal laws are designed to deter unsafe behavior that could lead to accidents. While many motorists recognize how dangerous drunk driving is and public education campaigns have been effective at reducing this behavior, risks of drugged driving crashes are largely underestimated. This helps to explain why the Washington Post warns drugged driving is now catching up to drunk driving in becoming a leading cause of fatal motor vehicle collisions. marijuana

If you are involved in a car crash and the other driver was drugged at the time of the incident, you could pursue a damage claim to recover monetary compensation. You can even make claims against motorists who used prescription medication or over-the-counter drugs, as well as against drivers who used illegal controlled substances. An Atlanta drugged driving accident lawyer can provide guidance, assistance, and advocacy as you pursue a claim for damages after you or someone you love was hurt or killed by a driver under the influence.

Drugged Driving is Becoming a Leading Reason for Atlanta Car Crashes

Construction picks up in Atlanta during the summer months, which means more construction workers on the roads and more detours or closed lanes.  Construction sites can be dangerous, and construction workers are not the only ones at risk. Drivers who do not know how to react to merging lanes or who are distracted by the construction may be a risk to other motorists on the road. Construction can also lead to road closures causing detours for trucks and other vehicles and increasing the chances of a crash happening on unfamiliar roads. working-701884-m

Because construction sites can be dangerous places, it is imperative drivers slow down to get through the construction zone safely. A driver who disobeys a slower speed limit set in a construction site could be subject to a large traffic ticket fine.  If a driver is disobeying the construction zone limit or is otherwise negligent, his carelessness in the construction area could be justification for a personal injury claim brought by injured workers or other victims involved in a collision.  An Atlanta car accident lawyer at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can provide legal assistance to victims involved in construction accident cases.

Roadway Work Zones are Dangerous for Motorists and Workers

In the state of Georgia, teens do not get their full license immediately. Instead, drivers between the age of 15 and 18 participate in a graduated driver’s license program established by the Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act (TADRA).  TADRA was put into place as a result of a collective effort of lawmakers, educators, the media, businesses, and highway safety advocates after a number of high-profile tragic motor vehicle accidents that led to unfortunate deaths among young drivers. drive-time-676275-m

Teen drivers do not have the experience or the maturity level to make smart and safe choices behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this means that young people face a significant risk of becoming injured in a motor vehicle accident.  An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims of motor vehicle crashes to take legal action against those who are responsible for causing losses. When a teen driver causes a crash, victims of the accident can still file a lawsuit even though most teens have no personal assets to pay for losses, because teens must have motor vehicle insurance to pay for the damages they cause.

Graduated Driver’s Licensing Helps to Reduce Atlanta Car Crashes

Another deadly, and unnecessary, car accident has occurred in Georgia. Our Atlanta car accident attorneys read an article recently about an accident that killed 26-year-old Shavonna Johnson from Willow Bend Run.


In the early morning of December 28, around 3:44 AM, Ms. Johnson was in a Kia Optima with two other people travelling west on Buena Vista Road, all on their way to get something to eat. The police report stated Ms. Johnson was a passenger in the vehicle. Chris Turner II, who is 24-years-old, was driving another car when he T-boned Ms. Johnson’s car. During the accident, Ms. Johnson was ejected from her vehicle, as she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt at the time. She suffered blunt force trauma to her abdomen, and was taken to Midtown Medical Center, though she died of her injuries after doctors performed emergency surgery to try to save her. The accident continues to be under investigation by the Columbus Police Department.

Mr. Turner now faces multiple charges, including vehicular homicide, disorderly conduct, driving under the influence, driving while his license was suspended or revoked, giving false information to an officer, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, reckless driving, and driving without a seat belt. He is being held without bond at Muscogee County jail. When the police arrived at the scene of the accident, he gave his name as “Trey”. When confronted, he apparently acted disorderly, and pushed an officer after he was arrested. He had a blood alcohol level of .105, which is well above the legal limit, and he was also not wearing a seatbelt. Additionally, police assert that he was driving at almost 100 miles per hour at the time of the crash. Midtown Medical Center staff actually refused to treat him because he was being so disruptive.

This time of year, watching football games is a tradition for many families. Around the beginning of the New Year is Bowl Game season for college football fans. But this year one family’s trip to the New Years Day Outback Bowl turned into tragedy.  Our Atlanta car accident attorneys read a story about a couple, Kenneth Eugene Behrens, 64 years old, and Margaret Elaine Brehrens, his 65 year old wife, who were on their way to the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Florida in a sport-utility vehicle, with more relatives in a minivan ahead of them. The Behrens, residents of eastern Iowa, were lifelong University of Iowa fans and were going to see their team play against Louisiana State University.  They never made it to the game, though, due to a terrible car crash.


The car crash happened on I-75 ten miles south of Perry in south-central Georgia on Sunday afternoon. The Georgia State Patrol said that the Behrens’ were slowing down due to traffic on the road when another car hit them from behind, forcing both cars into a guardrail, causing the Behrens’ vehicle overturn.  Kenneth Behrens was thrown from the driver’s seat into the passenger seat by the impact.  The following car, driven by 19 year old Benjamin Blake from Ohio, was travelling at high speed when it hit the Behrens. Both Behrens died in the accident. A 13 year old passenger in the backseat survived and was uninjured.  Mr. Blake was also uninjured. The accident is still under investigation to determine exactly what happened, but charges are pending against Mr. Blake.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 29 percent of accidents are rear end collisions, which result in significant injuries and fatalities each year. Of these crashes, what happened to the Behrens is the most common – the lead vehicle slows down or stops prior to the accident.  A 2012 NHTSA study found that 87 percent of rear end crashes involved some degree of distraction by the following car.  Only 40 percent of following drivers were looking forward when the lead car started breaking in these rear end crash scenarios.  These numbers show that distracted driving, especially in areas of stopped or slowing traffic, is a real hazard for rear end car accidents.  More needs to be done to encourage safe driving and crack down on distracted driving and speeding to prevent tragedies like the Behrens accident from occurring.