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In-vehicle technologies are supposed to make drivers safer and reduce the chances of serious or fatal injuries when accidents happen. Unfortunately, despite the advances in technology, car accident costs are actually rising and not falling. A recent study released by Insurance Research Council revealed that there has been a continued increase over the past 10 years of auto insurance claim costs per vehicle insured. rising crash rates

Rising auto insurance claim costs mean victims of collisions are suffering greater damages and more significant financial losses. The more serious the losses you experience in car accidents in Atlanta, the more important it is for you to speak with an attorney to pursue a claim for monetary compensation. An attorney can assist you in dealing with the insurance company who must pay your crash bills so you can fight for the money to move on after a crash has changed your life.

Atlanta Car Accident Injuries Leading to More Costly Auto Insurance Claims

Our Atlanta car and truck accident lawyers know that multiple vehicle wrecks can cause tremendous damage and harm to all concerned.  This week, according to news reports, three people were killed in a seven-car chair reaction crash on I-95.

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The accident happened in Glynn County on an overpass over US 17 near Brunswick.  At about 3pm on Tuesday, a tractor trailer was speeding on the overpass and rear ended a Lexus and then a Ford Escape.  Then a Volkswagen was hit in the rear, as was a truck with a travel trailer.  The impact caused the truck to hit the back of a second tractor trailer. The travel trailer behind the truck was rear-ended by a car which was in turn struck from behind by another car.  A tractor-trailer then rolled over the second car, dragging it forward and to the left beneath the tractor, where it remained.

By the time the original tractor trailer stopped, the Lexus was trapped beneath it with a man and woman inside, 80 year old Rocco Joseph Urso and 76 year old Heidy E. Urso. Senior Trooper Andy Sinquefield of the Georgia State Patrol called the Lexus “pancaked” beneath the cab of the tractor trailer.  By the time emergency workers got them out of the trapped Lexus, which took several hours, they had both died.  The driver of the Ford Escape, 71 year old Reinhold T. Steinhilber, was being transported to the hospital but died en route.  Four other people were injured in the crash, as well.

Our Atlanta product liability attorneys saw a news story this week about a defective product case and the family of an immigrant from Bhutan who won their civil suit against tire company Michelin.

In 2011, a large van was carrying 14 people to work at a chicken processing plant, Perdue Farms in Perry, on I-75 near Macon, Georgia.  All the passengers and the driver were part of an immigrant community from Bhutan and lived in Clarkson.  On their way to work, the rear tire of the van blew out suddenly, causing the van to smash into a median guardrail and flip over.  Because of that accident, two people were killed and 12 were injured.  One of those killed was Kharka Chhetri, a 50 year old immigrant.  Chhetri’s family sued Michelin North America, the maker of the blown out tire, as well as the van’s driver, Bhim Bhista.  Against Michelin, the lawsuit claimed that the company knew about a design defect in the tires and that the company did nothing about the defect.  The family said they included Bhista in the lawsuit because in lawsuits like this the company often tries to blame the driver, or the driver might be partly at fault.

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This week, a jury in DeKalb County found in favor of Chhetri’s family.  It was determined that Michelin was 80 percent at fault and the driver, Bhista, was 20 percent at fault.  Chhetri’s widow was awarded $5 million for her husband’s wrongful death, and the family also got $20,000 to pay for his funeral expenses.  In addition, the jury awarded $11.5 million in punitive damages against Michelin.

A year ago, in July 2012, a fatal three car crash occurred in Atlanta, and allegedly involved a recent police academy graduate, according to news reports.  Our Atlanta car accident attorneys are interested to see how this story will develop after one woman involved who was injured in the accident has sued the City of Atlanta over her injuries, and the family of a deceased victim also sued.

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In southwest Atlanta on July 21 last year, Officer Joshua Sieck, 31 years old, was traveling westbound on Cascade Road in Fulton County, when he ran a red light and hit Jacqueline Culp’s BMW as it drove southbound on Fairburn Road.  The impact pushed Ms. Culp’s car into the path of a car driven by Kenyatta White.  Ms. Culp, who was 59 years old at the time, died of her injuries from the crash soon after at Atlanta Medical Center, and Ms. White suffered lower back and cervical injuries.  Both Officer Sieck and Ms. Culp had to be extricated from their vehicles by emergency workers.  Ms. White told investigators at the time that she saw Officer Sieck driving too fast but that she remembered few other details.  “I saw the lights across the street and I looked over and the next thing I knew, there was the accident.  It just happened so fast,” she told reporters.  Officer Sieck himself was charged with criminal second degree vehicular homicide, which is a misdemeanor, for the accident.  In March 2013 the Culp family sued the city over Ms. Culp’s death.  By May, Ms. White also filed a lawsuit against the city.

Ms. White’s lawsuit claims that Officer Sieck was negligent, and because he was employed by the city, the lawsuit was filed against the employer.  The lawsuit claims that Officer Sieck was acting within the scope of his duties as a city employee at the time of the accident that lead to Ms. White’s injuries.  At the time, Officer Sieck was responding to a suicide call, but half an hour before it had been downgraded.