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According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding kills close to 10,000 people each year. Speeding makes the roads much more dangerous, and it increases the chances a car crash will occur. If a collision happens at a higher speed, the chances the auto crash will be deadly are also much higher.  Despite the fact most people are aware that speeding can be really risky, a lot of drivers unfortunately continue to persist in violating speed limit laws. There are numerous reasons why drivers tend to speed, even despite being made aware of the dangers of this risky behavior. Atlanta speeding accidents

If a driver opts to exceed the speed limit or to drive faster than it is safe to travel based on the conditions of the road, the driver can be held accountable if a collision occurs. Victims of a speeding accident should consult with an Atlanta auto accident attorney to determine how best to pursue a claim to recover compensation for car accident loss.  Continue Reading

Drunk driving is illegal, and has serious consequences. A driver who is drunk could cause accidents to happen, injuring or killing himself or other innocent motorists on the road. If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, you need to know what happens in the crash aftermath. An Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer can provide you with assistance in pursuing legal action to hold the intoxicated motorist responsible for the harm you have experienced. Atlanta drunk driving accident

What Happens After an Atlanta DUI Accident?

After an Atlanta DUI accident, the police should be called. A law enforcement officer can come to the scene of the collision. If the police believe that intoxication played a role in causing the collision to happen, or if the accident was a serious or fatal one, toxicology testing may be performed on the involved drivers.  Police will follow Georgia laws on when a breathalyzer or other blood alcohol concentration test can be administered on motorists, so police may need to get a warrant depending upon the circumstances.

Atlanta distracted driving accidents are a serious problem. When drivers aren’t 100 percent focused on the road before them, they could cause accidents to happen. These accidents can result in injury to passengers and innocent motorists in other vehicles, as well as injury to the driver who is distracted. When this type of accident happens, victims need to know what their rights are and what legal options they have. An attorney can provide help in understanding how to pursue an accident claim. atlanta distracted driving crash

Because distracted driving can be very dangerous, drivers need to avoid distracting behaviors so they can reduce the chances of causing a crash.  There are lots of different behaviors drivers do that can prevent them from being as focused on the road as they should be, and drivers should do their best to avoid all of the high-risk behaviors.

What are the Behaviors Causing Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents?

Drowsy driving is dangerous driving, with motorists who are fatigued exhibiting many of the same impairments as drivers who are drunk. Despite the dangers, drowsy driving has only begun to be treated as a major public safety issue over the past several years. One man, however, has been on an ongoing crusade to fight drowsy driving since 1999 when his wife was killed in a drowsy driving accident. The Huffington Post has his story, and shares his decades-long effort to try to raise awareness about the risks of fatigued driving. Atlanta drowsy driving accident

The goal of the man profiled by the Huffington Post is to put a face on the abstract dangers of fatigue driving. The sad reality is, drowsy driving accidents affect people’s lives in profound ways all the time. In some cases, the drowsy driver does not just hurt or kill himself, but injures or kills other innocent people including passengers, motorists in other vehicles, or pedestrians. In situations where a fatigued driver has caused a serious or fatal crash, Atlanta drowsy driving accident lawyers should be consulted for help in making an injury claim.

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Over the course of 2015, Americans put enough miles on the roads in the United States to make 337 round-trips to Pluto. People in the U.S. drove more total miles than at any time in history.  Unfortunately, as the number of miles driven increased, the number of crashes has also risen dramatically as well. Atlanta car accidents

When there is more driving going on, there’s a greater crash risk for every motorist on the road. If you or someone you love is one of the victims of a car accident, you need to understand what options are available to you for getting crash losses covered. If another driver was at fault, reach out to an Atlanta car accident lawyer to find out about your options for pursuing a personal injury claim to receive compensation. Families of those who died in car accidents can also seek assistance pursuing wrongful death cases.

Record Miles Driven Means More Risk of Atlanta Car Accidents

Certain types of behaviors are acknowledged as dangerous behind the wheel. These actions taken on the part of drivers significantly increase the risk of motor vehicle accidents throughout Georgia and throughout the United States. Unfortunately, despite the obvious dangers of some types of driver behavior, many motorists admit to regularly doing things while driving which they know are likely to increase the chances of motor vehicle accidents. Atlanta Car Accident

Whenever a driver engages in dangerous behavior, the motorist must be held accountable for the consequences of his actions if a crash results. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide representation when a crash happens and victims or family members of victims wish to pursue a claim for compensation from negligent drivers.

Most Drivers Are Taking Unnecessary Risks of Causing Atlanta Car Crashes

A recent study published by FSU shows there are attentional costs simply for receiving notification of a text message or an incoming telephone call, even when you do not take the call. When a phone vibrates or a quiet sound goes off, this can impair your focus on the road and have a significant adverse impact on driving safety. v3-white-1544058

The new study is troubling, because so many people drive with their phones even despite knowing the risks.  When a motor vehicle accident occurs because a driver has become distracted by a cell phone, an Atlanta car accident lawyer should be consulted for assistance in pursing a claim for injury compensation.

Kids Model the Behavior of Parents When It Comes to Atlanta Distracted Driving Crashes

After a motor vehicle collision, the insurer for the driver who caused the crash should be responsible for making crash victims whole. This means paying for property damage caused by the collision as well as paying for economic and non-financial damages the accident has caused.  Unfortunately, many insurance companies are reluctant to pay what is due.  This is true not just for big claims, but even when relatively small amounts of money are at stake. money-man-1-590974-m

Getting the money you need is important so you can get a new car, repair your vehicle, and respond appropriately to treat all injuries and losses. The more serious your injuries and the more extensive your damages, the more important it is for you to have an Atlanta car accident attorney to help you stand up to the insurance companies and fight for what you are due.

Car Insurers May Fight to Avoid Paying Out Fair Value of Atlanta Car Crash Claims

The prevention of pedestrian collisions has become a top priority as data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continually shows an increase in the number of walkers killed in accidents. Even as other types of crash deaths decline, pedestrians are dying in ever-larger numbers with increases in the death toll almost every year. NHTSA data from 2012, for example, showed a six percent increase in pedestrian fatalities from the prior year and there were more pedestrians killed over the course of that year than in the five years before. walking-away-1418812-m

There are many factors explaining why pedestrians are becoming more likely to die in accidents even as drivers are less likely to be killed. One issue is that infrastructure is still generally designed to accommodate vehicles rather than to prioritize pedestrian safety.  Driver negligence is also another big factor leading to pedestrian deaths, especially when drivers operate their vehicles in a manner unsafe for the conditions of the road.

After a collision, an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can provide assistance to victims in determining if road design was the crash cause or if driver carelessness was to blame. Determining who was responsible is essential for recovery of compensation for collision losses.

Throughout Atlanta, drivers are at risk of becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident as a result of being distracted by their smart phones or other electronic devices. This April, during National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, a new product was released that is likely to make the risks of distracted driving accidents exponentially worse: that product was the Apple smart watch. worker-adjusts-watch-1365362-m

While Georgia has laws in place to restrict the use of electronic devices in an effort to prevent distracted driving, it is not 100 percent clear what impact existing laws are going to have on motorists who purchase and wear the Apple watch.  Motorists who do choose to wear this watch and who are distracted by it can be held accountable if they cause a crash due to their unsafe behavior. An Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer should be consulted to provide assistance to victims of accidents caused by a driver distracted by a smart watch.

Smart Watches Are Going to be Dangerous for Drivers