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There are federal limits to the size of trucks on the road. The law allows twin 28-foot tractor-trailers, but does not allow twin 33-foot trailers. The 2016 appropriations bill included a provision to change the rules to permit twin 33 foot tractor trailers but the issue is hotly debated. In fact, even trucking groups split on the issue. atlanta truck collisions

The American Trucking Association is neutral, while Americans for Modern Transportation is in favor of allowing longer twin tractor trailers and the Truckload Carriers of Association is opposed.

The Truckload Carriers Association is concerned about the cost of paying for a new fleet to stay competitive, while Americans for Modern Transportation believe that allowing for longer trucks could help to improve efficiency. What is most important, however, is safety.  If longer trucks are allowed and more accidents happen, more motorists could be hurt or even killed in truck crashes.

Trucking companies who use these longer trucks could be held liable for any losses, as could truck drivers if the truckers operate the trucks in unsafe ways. An Atlanta truck accident attorney can provide assistance to all truck accident victims hurt in collisions, regardless of the size of the trucks which cause them injury.  Continue Reading

President Donald J. Trump entered office with a commitment to cut regulations and, in meetings with business leaders during his first week in office, President Trump suggested regulations might be cut by 75 percent or more. One industry looking forward to regulations being slashed is the trucking industry. Many trucking advocacy groups have long advocated for various rules to be repealed and for regulations to be changed to lessen compliance burdens on truck drivers. These advocacy groups are hopeful they will have an ally in the White House who can successfully cut regulations with the help of a Republican congress. Atlanta truck accidents

While cutting regulations can sometimes make sense, there are many situations where regulations are in place because the rules are needed to stop dangerous behavior and save lives. If too many important regulations are rolled back, the risk of truck accidents could rise significantly and there could be more people hurt or killed on Atlanta roads.

Preventing this undesirable outcome is vitally important and trucking companies and truck drivers must continue to follow best practices for safety, even if rules change. If truckers and trucking companies engage in unsafe behavior and cause crashes to happen, victims of these accidents can pursue a legal claim for compensation with help from an Atlanta truck accident lawyerContinue Reading

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys read about a fatal tractor trailer accident that happened in Barrow County. Earlier this month, a Dodge 3500 with a trailer was driving westbound on Georgia 316 near Patrick Mill Road. The driver, 44-year-old Richard Shane Moore, stopped because he couldn’t pass a lawn mower that was in the middle of the road between lanes. Following the Dodge 3500 was a 1989 Dodge Ram 50 pickup truck. The pickup truck, driven by 29-year-old Cody Grayson Brantley, slowed down to stop for the Dodge 3500, but a tractor trailer slammed into the back of the pick up, causing the pickup to crash into the Dodge 3500 right in front of it in a chain reaction crash. The tractor trailer overturned, as did the trailer the Dodge 3500 was pulling, and Mr. Brantley was killed in the accident.  Mr. Moore was taken to Athens Regional Medical Center, and no information was released on his condition. Photographs show how the Dodge Ram pick up truck was flattened, and the tractor trailer had careened into a guard rail, bending it.

Dodge LogoThe driver of the tractor trailer was Roger Bly, a 40-year-old man from Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Police arrested him and he was booked into Barrow County jail. He has now been charged with second degree homicide by a vehicle and following too closely. Both are misdemeanor crimes.

The fatal crash backed up traffic in both directions for almost ten hours as police and emergency personnel tried to deal with the tragic accident, and also the resulting diesel spill. While this was ongoing, a second crash happened in the eastbound lanes of 316, according to the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office.

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys saw a news story last week about a fiery crash involving no less than four tractor trailers.


The crash occurred in the far right lane of I-20 as trucks slowed down for the exit to the weigh station between Lee Road and Thornton Road on Thursday afternoon, March 13. The first truck slowed down and then the second truck smashed into the rear of the first truck. It caused a chain reaction with the third truck hitting the second truck, and the fourth truck hitting the third truck.

Sergeant Keith Smalley, field operations sergeant with the state patrol’s motor carrier compliance division, said although trucks were slowing down, traffic was not stopped.  He said, “According to state patrol investigating agency, they were actually moving at about a 25 to 30 mile-per-hour pace.” He also said that road construction in the area had disabled the electronic system that tells drivers when the weigh station is full, but that a manual system was still in place at the time. An eye witness, Benjamin Jefferson, was stuck in the traffic that resulted. He drove up to the accident scene soon after it happened. “There was all sorts of thick black smoke going up in flames way up into the trees. That went on for about 15 minutes and then the fire people sort of got it under control,” he told reporters.