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Speeding unquestionably makes the roads less safe for motorists, bicycle riders, pedestrians, and everyone else on the road. Speeding is a factor in approximately a third of all fatal traffic collisions. A car going faster is going to take a much longer period of time to slow or stop, and a crash with a speeding vehicle is going to generate more force and momentum for the body to absorb. This helps to explain why car crashes are both more likely to be occur and more likely to be serious in cases where a driver is speeding. speeding-past-497358-m

A speeding driver should be held accountable for the losses and damages he causes. An Atlanta speeding car accident lawyer can provide assistance to victims in pursuing a case for compensation when they are hurt by someone who is going too fast.  Unfortunately, noting can undo the damage once it is done. Auto Blog suggests that there may be one important option that is effective in stopping accidents before they happen by encouraging people to slow down: speed cameras.

Speed Cameras Could Reduce Speeding Accidents in Atlanta