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Another tragic tractor trailer accident has claimed the lives of innocent Georgians.  Last week, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that three people in an ambulance, two paramedics and a patient, were killed in an accident with a tractor trailer on GA 32 in Irwin County.

At about 5am last Thursday morning about 190 miles south of Atlanta, a tractor trailer, driven by Rockwell Lott, and passenger car were going westbound on the road while the ambulance, driven by 44 year old Teresa Ann Davis, from Coffee County was going eastbound.  When the ambulance turned on its lights and siren, the passenger car started to pull to the side of the road to yield to the ambulance, and the tractor trailer slammed on his breaks and jackknifed across the center of the road and into the way of the ambulance.  The ambulance then hit the left side of the jackknifing tractor trailer.  A Georgia State Trooper, Marcus Taylor, said of the accident, “There was a lot of debris everywhere. Unfortunately the vehicles were destroyed. A lot of EMTs and deputies on scene doing their job.” 

Ms. Davis was killed, along with the other paramedic in the ambulance, 56 year old Randall Whiddon, who was in the back taking care of their 65 year old patient Charles Arvin Smith.  They were transporting Mr. Smith from Coffee County Regional Medical Center to Tifton Regional Medical Center because of lack of bed space.  A former co-worker said of Mr. Whiddon, “For Randall to be killed in an ambulance, taking care of a patient, I think Randall went out the way he wanted to go out, taking care of folks.  That’s what he’s done for 33, 34 years and he wouldn’t have it any other way I don’t think.”  The driver of the tractor trailer, as is usual in these accidents, suffered only minor injuries.