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Motorcycle accidents are much more likely to cause motorcyclists to lose their lives or to be seriously hurt, as compared with the risks a collision presents to occupants of passenger vehicles. Prevention of motorcycle accidents is a top priority because of the dangers to motorcyclists and others on the road. New, there are reports indicating technologies are under development which could make a big impact in reducing motorcycle accident risks. Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer

While these technologies are not yet on the market, they could help in the future to keep riders safer. Still, no matter what technologies are developed, the ultimate responsibility to prevent motorcycle accident will remain with motorcycle riders and drivers of other vehicles sharing the road with motorcycles.

If a collision happens and someone is hurt as a result of a motorcycle crash, an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney can provide assistance to victims in pursuing a claim for compensation.

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Our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys know that motorcycle accidents are too often fatal. A recent news article discussed another fatal accident involving a motorcycle in Georgia involving someone fleeing the police, and another about a drunk driver who killed a motorcycle passenger.

Open SkyOn a Saturday night around 10:25 p.m. at the end of June, 28-year-old Michael William Lynch from Cartersville was trying to flee a Bartow County deputy. The deputy had tried to stop him for speeding. The deputy lost sight of Mr. Lynch on GA 293. He went around a sharp turn on that road, and saw debris from a crash. He turned around and found the motorcycle and Mr. Lynch off the shoulder of the road. The motorcycle had gone onto the shoulder, down the embankment and had smashed into several trees. Mr. Lynch had been ejected from the motorcycle and died from his injuries in the crash, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Bartow County Coroner Joel Guyton said, “He struck a tree. He died as a result of multiple blunt force trauma from the single-motorcycle accident.” The Georgia State Patrol said they were not involved in chasing Mr. Lynch, but did release a press release about the accident.

In the above case, the motorcyclist was trying to avoid police and was driving recklessly, but a lot to times, people on motorcycles are the victims of accidents as well, and are much more vulnerable than people in cars and other vehicles. A drunk driver killed a motorcycle passenger the same weekend in the end of June. Jessica Johnson was driving her 2012 Hyundai Sonata southbound on I-75/85, tried to merge onto I-20, and rear ended a 2013 Suzuki GSX driven by Saahir Salahuddin. His passenger, 33-year-old Ellie Norris, was knocked off the bike, and then run over by Ms. Johnson’s car. The motorcycle hit the median. Mr. Salahuddin survived, went over to where Ms. Norris was pinned down on the pavement by the car, called her name and then ran away from the scene when she didn’t answer. When police tested Ms. Johnson, she was at more than twice the legal limit for alcohol blood levels while driving. She was arrested and taken to Fulton County Jail for DUI, first degree vehicular homicide, reckless driving and following too closely. Mr. Salahuddin went to Grady Memorial Hospital to treat his injuries, and he was also arrested for first degree vehicular homicide, hit-and-run and theft by receiving a stolen auto, but it was unclear whether all the charges were related to the accident.

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys read about a multiple car and motorcycle wreck that happened last Friday and injured an off duty Roswell police officer. The accident happened on I-575 in Cobb County around 1:24 p.m., just north of Bells Ferry Road.


The police officer was driving his personal motorcycle northbound, possibly just completing a funeral detail or other job, and slowed for backed up traffic, which was normal on a Friday afternoon. As he slowed down, his motorcycle was hit from behind by a black Toyota Camry. The impact threw him into other vehicles. Sergeant Dana Pierce of the Cobb County Police Department said that is the last thing the police know for sure. After that, the police think the motorcycle hit a Chrysler Sebring which was travelling next to it. Then, a Chevrolet 4×4 pickup truck also became involved in the accident somehow.

The motorcycle driver was injured and taken to Grady Memorial Hospital by helicopter. His injuries were reported to be minor, according to Georgia Department of Transportation spokesman David Spear, and no one else reported any injuries from the crash. But emergency personnel had to stop traffic both ways on I-575 to set up a helicopter landing to remove him from the scene. Chief Dave Soumas of the Woodstock Fire Department said his department came to assist Cobb County officials. Chief Soumas said, “We assisted Cobb, this is well inside of Cobb County on 575. Cherokee County handled one of the patients, they drove one of the patients to the hospital. We helped Cobb with a landing zone.” He noted, “Traffic is messed up in the area while the investigation is on-going.” One lane was open by 4 p.m.