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Distracted driving has become one of the most common causes of motor vehicle collisions in the United States, but the state of Georgia is making a serious effort to reduce the risk for local residents. Starting July 1, Georgia will have a strict law in place to prevent motorists from using electronic devices behind the wheel and motorists will face serious consequences for disobeying.  Atlanta distracted driving accidents

Unfortunately, even with laws prohibiting driver distraction, some motorists will make the dangerous choice to use their phones and other electronics anyway.

When drivers choose not to focus on the road, they can and should be held accountable for any and all losses caused by their unsafe choice. An Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer can help victims to pursue a claim for compensation, so call an attorney today for help.  Continue Reading

Knowing how to respond in the aftermath of an auto accident is important. In addition to knowing what you should do when a crash happens, you also want to make certain that you avoid certain mistakes which could jeopardize your ability to pursue a claim for compensation. Atlanta car accident

Hiring an Atlanta car accident lawyer can be your best option following a collision so you can make sure you avoid the types of errors that could affect your ability to pursue a claim for damages. The sooner you get legal help, the sooner you will have an advocate looking out for you and fighting to protect you from facing uncompensated crash losses.

Five Things Not to Do After an Atlanta Car Accident

Speeding is undeniably one of the major causes of motor vehicle collisions within the United States.  Once a car is going above 15 miles per hour, even relatively minor changes in how fast the vehicle is going will make a big impact on whether a crash is fatal or not. For example, if a pedestrian is struck by a car that is going 23 MPH, there is a 10 percent chance the pedestrian will die. If that car is going just 32 MPH, the risk goes up to a 25 percent chance the impact will be fatal. filthy-speed-limit-877270-m

Despite the fact that speed limits have a big impact on how dangerous the roads are, the process for setting speed limits is not very scientific and is not necessarily tailored to achieve optimum safety. explains how speed limits are set… and why the rules aren’t good enough to reduce the number of deadly crashes due to speeding drivers.

Of course, drivers need to be aware that it is ultimately their responsibility to make safe choices, regardless of what the speed limit is. If the road conditions are poor and it is not safe to drive the limit, motorists need to slow down. if they don’t, victims could pursue legal action to obtain compensation if a crash occurs. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help those who have been harmed to determine if a speeding driver was to blame.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys feel for the family of a teenage mother and her little daughter who died tragically in a car accident last week.  The mother and grandmother of the pair also went through the unimaginable horror of watching and not being able to do anything to save her family.

Gabriella Faiz, a 17 year old high school student and mother of almost two year old Jada, was driving her car, a Honda, which had just been repaired earlier that day, to do some errands last Thursday at around 9:30pm.  Gabriella was a senior at Lithia Springs High School and Jada would have turned two years old this week.  The car stalled in the right lane of I-285 near Ga. 400 in Sandy Springs, according to news reports.   Gabriella’s mother, Al-Quiyamah Faiz, was in the car behind her and Gabriella called to tell her mother the car was having problems and to go around her.  Her mom passed, called back, was told their car had stopped and turned around.  Just minutes after Gabriella told her mother to go around, two cars slammed into her stalled car.  Some news sources state that a tractor trailer was involved in this crash, as well. By the time Ms. Faiz got off the highway and came back, looking for their car, she saw orange flames, which had engulfed the Honda just minutes after being hit.  Police officers called to the scene tried to rescue the two girls but could not. Ms. Faiz said, “A fireman had to tell me that was my child’s car and that they were no longer with me.”  A grieving Ms. Faiz told reporters by phone, “I watched my daughter and granddaughter burn in the middle of the night.”

Car Crash

One other person in one of the cars that hit Gabriella’s was also injured, but not severely.  Police are investigating the crash and deciding whether to press charges against the drivers that smashed into Gabriella’s car. Sandy Springs Police Captain Keith Zgonc said the decision would be made sometime this week.  The accident was so horrific that Sandy Springs police shut down I-285 again on Sunday morning in the same location to try to reconstruct this fatal crash.  The reconstruction lasted several hours and was to help police and investigators better understand what happened.  They believe when the car stalled, it was first struck from behind by another vehicle.