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The rise in the popularity of car sharing apps has caused substantial risks for riders. While most car sharing companies, like Uber, now provide large insurance policies to provide compensation for victims injured while using a ride sharing service, the fact remains that the injuries people are experiencing in ride-sharing cars can change lives in profound ways. Atlanta car accident vehicle defect

Unfortunately, those who use ride sharing apps face lots of different kinds of risks exacerbating their chances of accidents. Drivers may have limited training who drive for these services, and these drivers may be distracted by the use of their phones to communicate with the car sharing company. The drivers may also be working multiple shifts for different car-sharing companies, increasing the risk of driver fatigue.

Added to all of these sources of danger is another concern which was reported on recently by WCSH. The problem is that many of the vehicles which are used for ride sharing have open recalls.

In-vehicle technologies are supposed to make drivers safer and reduce the chances of serious or fatal injuries when accidents happen. Unfortunately, despite the advances in technology, car accident costs are actually rising and not falling. A recent study released by Insurance Research Council revealed that there has been a continued increase over the past 10 years of auto insurance claim costs per vehicle insured. rising crash rates

Rising auto insurance claim costs mean victims of collisions are suffering greater damages and more significant financial losses. The more serious the losses you experience in car accidents in Atlanta, the more important it is for you to speak with an attorney to pursue a claim for monetary compensation. An attorney can assist you in dealing with the insurance company who must pay your crash bills so you can fight for the money to move on after a crash has changed your life.

Atlanta Car Accident Injuries Leading to More Costly Auto Insurance Claims

The first week of November was National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. This event is organized by the National Sleep Foundation; however, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also hosted a forum aimed at preventing deaths and injuries due to drowsy driving. This year’s NHTSA event involved state and federal government agencies convening to identify research objectives and public policy needs and to further the development of effective strategies for fighting drowsy driving. drowsy 2 copy

Drowsy driving is a major cause of collisions in Georgia and throughout the United States. A motorist who is fatigued is much more likely to become involved in a crash than a motorist who is not in danger of dozing off behind the wheel.

These drowsy drivers can, and should, be held accountable for the dangerous choices they make that result in motor vehicle accidents occurring. An Atlanta drowsy driving accident lawyer can provide representation and assistance to motorists who are injured in a crash caused by a fatigued driver, as well as to loved ones of those killed in a crash with a tired motorist. You may be entitled to compensation caused by crash losses if you can prove the motorist was negligent for not pulling over when he became too tired to be safe.