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Aggressive driving is very dangerous. Unfortunately, many motorists will give into their anger at some point on the road and will drive in an aggressive and dangerous way. In fact, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported recently that the vast majority of U.S. drivers becomes aggressive while driving at least some time over the course of every year. Atlanta road rage accidents

Accidents caused by aggressive drivers are preventable, and should never happen. If you or someone you love is involved in a crash that is caused by a motorist’s road rage, you should pursue a case for full and fair compensation for both financial and compensatory damages. An Atlanta car accident attorney can provide assistance in taking legal action when your life is changed because a driver could not keep his temper.  Continue Reading

Drugged driving remains a major problem on U.S. roads. In fact, as drunk driving deaths have fallen over the past several decades, drugged driving deaths have been rising. In light of the growing number of people who are driving while impaired by cannabis and other drugs, the Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) has moved forward with new efforts that are aimed at combatting the problem.  atlanta drugged driving accidents

Unfortunately, drugged drivers present a significant risk on the roads. If you are a victim of an accident caused by a driver who was impaired by drugs, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you. Contact Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. today to find out about pursuing a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a driver who caused a drugged driving collision to occur.

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Passengers depend on drivers to avoid accidents, and can pursue claims when crashes happen. Unfortunately, passengers are at serious risk of an injury when a collision happens, especially if those passengers are not wearing their seat belts at the time the accident occurs. Governors’ Highway Safety Association just recently published a comprehensive report recently highlighting the dangers that back seat passengers face when unbuckled. The report shows how many people in the backs of cars aren’t wearing belts and are experiencing traumatic injury as a result. atlanta passenger car accident

If you are a passenger in a car and an accident happens, it is important to understand how to get your injury costs covered. You can pursue a claim for compensation for losses, regardless of whether or not you had a seat belt on, but you must understand what your rights are and how to make your case. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you.

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Recent studies suggest that Americans are spending a lot of time in their cars. The number of miles that motorists travel and the amount of time spent driving is increasing. Unfortunately, more motorists driving and more people operating vehicles for longer periods of time means a greater risk of Atlanta car accidents. Atlanta car accident lawyer

If and when a collision happens, those involved must know their obligations and know their rights. You have to stop at the scene of a crash, exchange contact info with other drivers, and report the accident to the police if it was a serious one. You also must make certain that you have sufficient auto insurance.

If a crash is another driver’s fault, knowing how to recover compensation is also essential so you don’t face financial loss from the collision. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide assistance in responding in the aftermath of an accident.

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Knowing how to respond in the aftermath of an auto accident is important. In addition to knowing what you should do when a crash happens, you also want to make certain that you avoid certain mistakes which could jeopardize your ability to pursue a claim for compensation. Atlanta car accident

Hiring an Atlanta car accident lawyer can be your best option following a collision so you can make sure you avoid the types of errors that could affect your ability to pursue a claim for damages. The sooner you get legal help, the sooner you will have an advocate looking out for you and fighting to protect you from facing uncompensated crash losses.

Five Things Not to Do After an Atlanta Car Accident

Last year, WABE reported on rising speed limits in Atlanta and in areas throughout Georgia. The Georgia Department of Transportation conducted research on raising the speed limit, identifying areas where the DOT believed motorists could safely travel as fast as 70 MPH.  Because of DOT’s decisions, seven counties in metro-Atlanta saw the speed limit go up to either 65 MPH or 70 MPH. Affected counties included Dekalb, Fulton, Clayton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Rockdale, and Douglas. Roads in these counties where speed limits rose included I-85, I-20, I-75 and Georgia 400. atlanta speed limit car accidents

Georgia was not alone in raising speed limits. In fact, reports there is a national trend going on of different states making the legally permitted speed limit faster than ever. This trend has serious consequences for road safety, as many more accidents can occur when vehicles are traveling at high speeds.

If you are involved in an Atlanta car accident and the driver was going too fast to be safe, an auto accident lawyer should be consulted for assistance in determining if you can pursue a damage claim against the speeding driver.

Among seniors aged 65 or older, around 10 percent of the population in this demographic group has at least some mild dementia. A senior with even slight dementia can face a 4.7 percent increased risk of involvement in a car accident, as compared with someone who does not have memory issues. Seniors also face a variety of other age-related impairments that can affect them, including delayed reflexes and vision problems.  For many older people, health issues necessitate taking prescription medications, some of which can also affect cognition and physical ability. Atlanta senior driving accident

Unfortunately, all of these factors mean that older motorists may no longer be able to drive safely. Atlanta senior driving car accidents are far too common, and many of these accidents cause injury to the senior but also to other innocent motorists or pedestrians on the road. Whenever crashes happen involving senior drivers, it is important to determine the accident cause and to make an assessment of whether the senior should be liable for losses. Accident victims can consult with an experienced attorney for assistance in determining if a case can be pursued for compensation from a senior driver.

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A recent editorial from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) focused on the need to change Georgia’s seatbelt laws. The author urged Georgia to adopt a law which would require adults in the back of cars to wear seat belts. Georgia is one of 28 states without such a law already on the books.  Georgia also has high rates of death among passengers who are not restrained by seat belts at the time when collisions occur. atlanta car accident deaths

If an accident happens and a victim is not wearing a seatbelt, the risk of a serious injury or death significantly increases. While it could be argued that the victim should have been buckled up, this does not prevent the injured victim or his family from making a claim for damages.

If the crash caused injury and someone else was to blame for it, the person hurt or the family of the person killed can still hold the responsible party accountable for losses- regardless of seatbelt status. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims to pursue claims to get compensation when damages occurred.

Motorists who are fatigued can face many risks similar to the dangers faced by drunk drivers. Driver fatigue can result in impaired judgment, a delay in reacting to objects or obstacles, and lane departures if motorists begin to doze.  Getting enough rest is recommended to help prevent drowsy driving accidents in Atlanta. Unfortunately, some motorists who work night shifts cannot get rest at the normal time of the day when the body is primed to sleep. As a result, even seasoned night-shift workers can face an added risk of a drowsy driving crash. starry-starry-night-1251246

When a motorist causes a collision due to fatigue, the driver who was too tired to be behind the wheel can be responsible for compensating collision victims for all losses they have experienced. Motorists, and especially night shift workers, need to be aware of the added dangers of drowsy driving collisions and need to ensure they are taking appropriate precautions to try to prevent collisions.

Night Shift Workers and the Risk of Atlanta Drowsy Driving Crashes

According to a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, around 25,000 collisions occur in the United States each year as a result of debris on the road. Accidents caused by debris cause anywhere from 80 to 90 deaths annually on average, and cause a significant number of property damage only crashes or collisions where injuries happen. Road debris can come from a lot of different sources, but debris commonly ends up falling off of or out of trucks or other vehicles. car crash

Truck drivers are obliged to follow cargo-loading rules set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and truckers and their employers can be held responsible when unsecured or unbalanced cargo causes a car crash to happen. These professional drivers, however, are not the only ones with safety obligations when it comes to securing cargo. An Atlanta car accident attorney can provide assistance to victims involved in accidents caused by debris on the roadways, even if the debris was left by a regular driver. If you can prove negligence led to the debris that caused your crash, you should be entitled to compensation for all resulting economic and non-financial losses.

Responsibility for Atlanta Car Accidents Due to Improperly Secured Cargo