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A disturbing new study released recently by AAA Traffic Safety Foundation should be cause for concern for every Atlanta motorist. The study shows young adult drivers ages 19 to 24 do not take driving dangers seriously. In fact, motorists in this demographic group tend to engage in high risk behaviors behind the wheel and many of these young motorists find dangerous driving behaviors to be acceptable.  atlanta accident risks of young drivers

When young adult drivers engage in high-risk behavior, they put every motorist who is on the road with them at risk of being hurt or killed. If a young adult driver causes an accident to happen, victims need to know how to pursue a claim to get compensation from this irresponsible motorist who hurt them. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims or their families to take appropriate legal action in a wrongful death claim.

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Aggressive driving is very dangerous. Unfortunately, many motorists will give into their anger at some point on the road and will drive in an aggressive and dangerous way. In fact, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported recently that the vast majority of U.S. drivers becomes aggressive while driving at least some time over the course of every year. Atlanta road rage accidents

Accidents caused by aggressive drivers are preventable, and should never happen. If you or someone you love is involved in a crash that is caused by a motorist’s road rage, you should pursue a case for full and fair compensation for both financial and compensatory damages. An Atlanta car accident attorney can provide assistance in taking legal action when your life is changed because a driver could not keep his temper.  Continue Reading

Drowsy driving has become a leading cause of car accidents, largely because few people are getting the recommended amount of sleep.  Missing even a few hours of sleep per night could significantly increase the chances a drowsy driving collision will occur. These collisions can cause serious injuries or fatalities, and often it is someone besides the sleepy driver who is hurt or killed if a collision happens. Atlanta drowsy driving deaths

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Distracted driving continues to be a major public health problem and a leading cause of accidents throughout the United States, even though the dangers of distracted driving are well-known. Distracted driving can occur whenever motorists pay attention to things like phones or in-vehicle infotainment systems, but can also happen if drivers are daydreaming or talking to passengers or paying attention to music.  Atlanta distracted driving accident

Unfortunately, far too many motorists discount the very real risks of distracted driving and they engage in behaviors that can cause crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released proposed guidelines to try to tackle this issue.  These new guidelines will join a long list of efforts made by advocacy groups at preventing driver distraction.

Ultimately, drivers must be responsible for making safe decisions and not driving while distracted. If a motorist fails to follow the rules and makes the choice to get behind the wheel and focus on something besides the road, that driver should be held accountable. An Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer should be consulted to provide assistance to collision victims and their families harmed by a driver’s failure to focus.

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Lack of sleep has become a substantial problem for Americans, and sleep deprivation is having consequences for road safety. Governors’ Highway Safety Association has published a troubling new report on the driving safety concerns that are arising because there are so many fatigued Americans.  Atlanta drowsy driving accidents

Those who are drowsy behind the wheel have a responsibility not to endanger others. If a motorists falls asleep at the wheel and causes a collision or otherwise causes a crash as a result of fatigue, accident victims have legal rights. An Atlanta drowsy driving accident lawyer can provide invaluable help to victims of a collision caused by driver fatigue.

New Report Highlights The Risk of Atlanta Drowsy Driving Accidents

Car crashes can happen at any time, and can cause serious injuries when a collision occurs. Victims who get hurt must get prompt medical attention, get an accurate diagnosis, and ensure that they have a full understanding of how their injuries affect their current and future health status. A victim needs to know the full extent of losses a collision will cause in order to seek full and fair compensation for all economic and all non-financial losses which happen directly because of the injury. atlanta car accident leg and knee injury

While any part of the body could be hurt in a crash, some of the most common injuries experienced are injuries to the lower extremities. If you hurt your legs, knees, or feet in a crash, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help you to make a damage claim.

You can get medical bills paid, receive compensation for missed work and reduced earning power, and obtain compensation for pain and emotional distress. To get this money, you must prove both that the party you are making a claim against was at fault for harming you and that you actually suffered serious injuries for which compensation is an appropriate remedy.

Distracted driving is the cause of a significant number of accidents, which has prompted extensive research into the dangers of operating a vehicle without 100 percent focus. Insurance Journal reported recently on a study in which researchers aimed to determine whether a “sixth sense” could lessen the risks associated with driving while texting. Researchers also aimed to determine if texting was more distracting than driving while upset or than driving while absentminded. distracted driving accident

Unfortunately, researchers found that texting drivers were far more dangerous than motorists who were coping with other distractions. Texting and driving significantly increases accident rates, which is why it is unlawful. Some motorists, however, opt to text while they are driving a car despite the risks that this behavior presents.

An experienced Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer can provide invaluable assistance in situations where a driver has caused a collision while texting. An attorney can help victims to hold a distracted driver accountable for the consequences of any accidents he causes while not paying attention, so get in touch with a lawyer as soon as you can after a collision occurs.

Many people believe that driving while using electronic devices is safe as long as voice control is enabled. Voice-controlled infotainment and navigation systems have become increasingly common in vehicles, with drivers able to do everything from change the radio station to make a telephone call and send a text message to entering a location into a navigation system. These systems are legal to use when driving, unlike handheld phones, and motorists often believe that they are not taking any risk because their hands are still on the wheel. atlanta distracted driving

Unfortunately, the  use of handheld devices does not prevent Atlanta distracted driving accidents. In fact, recent research from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has revealed that it can sometimes actually be more dangerous to use hands-free controls than it would be if a driver simply used a handheld device while driving.

Motorists need to be aware of the substantial risks that come with using any electronic devices while driving and they must ensure that they are making smart choices to protect themselves so they do not become responsible for causing injury. If a driver does cause harm, a car accident lawyer in Atlanta can provide assistance to victims and their families in pursuing a damage claim.

If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed in a car accident, you may be facing substantial costs for the injuries incurred or you may be facing substantial financial loss due to your loved ones death. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates the total annual costs from car accidents is around $277 billion, including costs for medical expenditures as well as loss of productivity and other losses.  Victims and their families who bear the burden of these costs need to be compensated for their damages.  atlanta car accident

An Atlanta car accident lawyer can represent victims or surviving family members after a fatal crash.  The goal is to get you the maximum compensation for damages so you can be fully and fairly compensated for all losses.

In many situations, victims are able to get a fair amount of compensation for damages by settling their claims outside of court. In other situations, however, a civil lawsuit will need to proceed to a trial for the victim to receive fair compensation and be “made whole” for all crash losses.

If you have been involved in a car accident within Atlanta, you should make it a point to get a medical exam as soon as possible. If you suspect that you or anyone involved in the crash sustained serious injuries, you should contact an ambulance and law enforcement so you can get emergency aid at the crash scene. Even if you have not experienced life-threatening injuries, or aren’t sure you have actually been badly hurt at all, you should still get a comprehensive medical exam as soon as possible. medical help atlanta car accident

Getting medical help is essential to protecting your rights to pursue a claim for losses caused by an injury in a motor vehicle accident. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide you with assistance in seeking monetary payment for your medical bills and other losses, so contacting a lawyer as well as a doctor is smart practice following a collision.

Why See a Doctor After an Atlanta Car Accident?