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Many victims of car accidents wish to pursue a claim to recover compensation for losses. If you or someone you love has been involved in a collision, you must know what has to be proved in order for you to get the money you need to move on after the crash. atlanta car accident

Determining what the law requires you to prove can be complicated, as can actually conducting investigations to discover evidence. An Atlanta car accident lawyer will help you to make your case. We can explain the law to you and our legal team can get to work on putting together a strong damage claim. Give us a call today to find out more about how we help you to fight for full compensation.

What Has to be Proved in an Atlanta Car Accident Claim?

Many people believe that driving while using electronic devices is safe as long as voice control is enabled. Voice-controlled infotainment and navigation systems have become increasingly common in vehicles, with drivers able to do everything from change the radio station to make a telephone call and send a text message to entering a location into a navigation system. These systems are legal to use when driving, unlike handheld phones, and motorists often believe that they are not taking any risk because their hands are still on the wheel. atlanta distracted driving

Unfortunately, the  use of handheld devices does not prevent Atlanta distracted driving accidents. In fact, recent research from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has revealed that it can sometimes actually be more dangerous to use hands-free controls than it would be if a driver simply used a handheld device while driving.

Motorists need to be aware of the substantial risks that come with using any electronic devices while driving and they must ensure that they are making smart choices to protect themselves so they do not become responsible for causing injury. If a driver does cause harm, a car accident lawyer in Atlanta can provide assistance to victims and their families in pursuing a damage claim.

If you or someone you love has been hurt or killed in a car accident, you may be facing substantial costs for the injuries incurred or you may be facing substantial financial loss due to your loved ones death. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates the total annual costs from car accidents is around $277 billion, including costs for medical expenditures as well as loss of productivity and other losses.  Victims and their families who bear the burden of these costs need to be compensated for their damages.  atlanta car accident

An Atlanta car accident lawyer can represent victims or surviving family members after a fatal crash.  The goal is to get you the maximum compensation for damages so you can be fully and fairly compensated for all losses.

In many situations, victims are able to get a fair amount of compensation for damages by settling their claims outside of court. In other situations, however, a civil lawsuit will need to proceed to a trial for the victim to receive fair compensation and be “made whole” for all crash losses.

Summer break is approaching fast and kids will be out of school. This means more teen drivers on the road, and more teens driving around with their friends in the car. The time period from Memorial Day to Labor Day is referred to as the 100 Deadliest Days on the road because more accidents happen at this time than any other period during the year. The high number of teen drivers is a big part of the reason why accidents are so likely to happen. atlanta teen car accidents

When a teen driver causes a crash, victims (including passengers in the car with the teen driver) may be entitled to compensation for losses and damages. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide assistance in pursuing a claim after a teen driver causes a collision. Unfortunately, new studies show the more passengers that are in the car with a teen driver, the greater the chances that a car accident will happen.

More Teens in the Car Means Increased Atlanta Car Accidents

Teenagers are often excited to get their license, and many are unaware or unconcerned about the fact that car crashes are the single leading killer of young people in the United States. Teen car accidents are a terrible tragedy, and innocent victims could be hurt or killed because teenage passengers make dangerous decisions behind the wheel. disturbed-teen-2-1499259

When a teen crash occurs, a car accident lawyer can help the victims of the accident- including passengers and other motorists- to take legal action against the teenager who was responsible for causing the crash to occur. Teen drivers and their parents need to be aware of some of the common causes of teen collisions, and of ways to prevent them, to avoid liability and to save lives.

Tips for the Prevention of Atlanta Teen Car Accident Deaths

Every pedestrian is vulnerable on the road because drivers may not pay enough attention and may be unaware of how to safely share the roads with walkers. When a car strikes a pedestrian, the walker isn’t protected by any safety equipment. As a result, a pedestrian faces a much more significant risk of serious or fatal injuries as compared with people who are involved in car crashes as either drivers or passengers. wheelchair pedestrian accident

While any pedestrian could be hurt, recent research shows that wheelchair users are more likely to be killed in pedestrian auto accidents. When a pedestrian is injured or killed, whether the pedestrian is in a wheelchair or not, it is important to determine whether the driver was negligent or careless and whether the driver’s actions led to the crash occurring.

If the driver was responsible for the accident, an attorney in Atlanta with experience in pedestrian crash cases can help victims to pursue a case for compensation for losses. When the crash is fatal, surviving family members of the deceased pedestrian can also make a case.

Side impact accidents are also called T-bone crashes because the vehicles form the shape of a T when one car hits the side of another vehicle. These crashes are common at intersections, but can also occur when drivers leave parking spaces or driveways and strike the side of an oncoming vehicle. Regardless of where the collisions occur, the side of a vehicle absorbs almost no force and provides very little protection to occupants when a car is struck. This is true even with side airbags, which are not nearly as effective as front airbags. traumatic brain injury

Side impact collisions are extremely dangerous due to the limited protection provided by the side of a vehicle. In fact, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine indicated that in a study of crashes, 19 percent of the collisions were side-impact crashes but these collisions caused 32 percent of all car accident deaths.  Side impact crashes are more likely to be deadly in part because there is a greater risk vehicle occupants will suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI). Anywhere from  51 to 74 percent of deaths in side impact collisions are caused by the victim sustaining a brain injury.

Even when TBI is survivable, it is generally life-altering. A brain injury lawyer in Atlanta should be consulted by victims who sustain a TBI or by those whose loved ones lose their lives due to a brain injury caused by a side-impact crash. With help from an attorney, victims can get the money they need to get treatment and begin to rebuild.

Safety belts are one of the single most important technologies in terms of saving lives.  The simple seat belt saves more than 15,000 people each year from death in motor vehicle crashes, according toEveryday Health. Yet, despite the importance of the seatbelt in restraining the strongest parts of the body, ensuring vehicle occupants don’t fly out of vehicles, slowing down the motion of the body, spreading the collision’s force, and protecting the spinal cord and brain, seat belts are not found in every vehicle. In fact, seat belts are not found in one of the vehicles where they are needed most to protect vulnerable children: school buses. school bus accidents

When children or adults are in a bus crash, there is a good chance they will be unbuckled because most buses do not have safety belts at every seat. This can create a significantly greater risk of death or permanent injury after a collision occurs on a school bus. Victims need to know their rights, and an Atlanta bus accident lawyer should be consulted after the collision to pursue a claim for compensation. Bus passengers are never responsible for a collision occurring, so someone should always be held accountable, whether it is the driver, the school district, or another motorist who caused a crash.

Regardless of who is at fault, if school buses were equipped with safety belts, there would be far fewer cases in which victims sustain permanent life-changing injuries and significant financial losses.  The importance of safety belts for child safety are one key reason why the new leader of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now come out in favor of adding seat belts to every school bus.

Motor vehicle accidents remain the top cause of teen deaths throughout the United States, despite efforts made to make the roads safer for young people. Governors Highway Safety Association is calling for new efforts aimed at preventing deadly accidents involving teenage drivers. The report was written by experts in teen driving and was guided by a panel with special experience in teen crash risks. It focuses on how adults who influence teenagers can help to stop dangerous behaviors, and how states can partner with these adults in an effort to reduce collision risks. traffic-jamz-1446911

Crashes involving teen drivers are devastating, as these young people often injure their friends or family members who are in the car with them, along with injuring strangers. Anyone who is a victim of a crash as a direct result of a negligent, careless, or illegal action by a teenage driver must understand his or her rights. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide help to motorists who have been harmed. You may be entitled to receive monetary compensation from the teen’s insurer for all of the damages and losses you have been forced to endure because of the collision.

Prevention of Teen Driving Collisions

Halloween night is a high-risk night of the year for pedestrian accidents, with many crashes causing serious injuries or fatalities to children. Halloween is dangerous because there are many kids out trick-or-treating at the same time as people attend parties where they may consume alcoholic beverages.  Parents and drivers need to be aware of Halloween pedestrian accident risks and must do everything they can to try to prevent a tragic accident from happening on October 31. pumpkins-1326009

If a driver is careless or intoxicated and a crash happens on Halloween, victims of the accident need to know what their options are for using the Georgia legal system to recover damages. An Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyer can provide legal representation and assistance to victims and to family members of those who lose their lives to deadly accidents.

Staying Safe from Atlanta Pedestrian Accidents on Halloween Night