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Safety belts are one of the single most important technologies in terms of saving lives.  The simple seat belt saves more than 15,000 people each year from death in motor vehicle crashes, according toEveryday Health. Yet, despite the importance of the seatbelt in restraining the strongest parts of the body, ensuring vehicle occupants don’t fly out of vehicles, slowing down the motion of the body, spreading the collision’s force, and protecting the spinal cord and brain, seat belts are not found in every vehicle. In fact, seat belts are not found in one of the vehicles where they are needed most to protect vulnerable children: school buses. school bus accidents

When children or adults are in a bus crash, there is a good chance they will be unbuckled because most buses do not have safety belts at every seat. This can create a significantly greater risk of death or permanent injury after a collision occurs on a school bus. Victims need to know their rights, and an Atlanta bus accident lawyer should be consulted after the collision to pursue a claim for compensation. Bus passengers are never responsible for a collision occurring, so someone should always be held accountable, whether it is the driver, the school district, or another motorist who caused a crash.

Regardless of who is at fault, if school buses were equipped with safety belts, there would be far fewer cases in which victims sustain permanent life-changing injuries and significant financial losses.  The importance of safety belts for child safety are one key reason why the new leader of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now come out in favor of adding seat belts to every school bus.