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Side impact accidents are also called T-bone crashes because the vehicles form the shape of a T when one car hits the side of another vehicle. These crashes are common at intersections, but can also occur when drivers leave parking spaces or driveways and strike the side of an oncoming vehicle. Regardless of where the collisions occur, the side of a vehicle absorbs almost no force and provides very little protection to occupants when a car is struck. This is true even with side airbags, which are not nearly as effective as front airbags. traumatic brain injury

Side impact collisions are extremely dangerous due to the limited protection provided by the side of a vehicle. In fact, Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine indicated that in a study of crashes, 19 percent of the collisions were side-impact crashes but these collisions caused 32 percent of all car accident deaths.  Side impact crashes are more likely to be deadly in part because there is a greater risk vehicle occupants will suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI). Anywhere from  51 to 74 percent of deaths in side impact collisions are caused by the victim sustaining a brain injury.

Even when TBI is survivable, it is generally life-altering. A brain injury lawyer in Atlanta should be consulted by victims who sustain a TBI or by those whose loved ones lose their lives due to a brain injury caused by a side-impact crash. With help from an attorney, victims can get the money they need to get treatment and begin to rebuild.