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In recent years, the number of bicycle riders losing their lives in motor vehicle collisions has increased even as the overall number of motor vehicle accident deaths has gone down. However, not every demographic group is at equal risk of dying in bike accidents. A recent report published by the Governors’ Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) reveals that certain groups are much more likely to die in a bike crash than others. In particular, the GHSA warns that “bicycle fatalities are increasingly an urban phenomenon.” bike

For riders and drivers in Atlanta, the risk of bike accidents is a significant risk. Drivers need to be aware of bicycle riders on the road and take reasonable steps to protect these riders from getting hurt. When a bike collision happens, an Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer should be consulted for help taking legal action.

Who is at Risk of Atlanta Bike Accident Fatalities?

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys know that car accidents do not only involve other cars or vehicles on the road, but sometimes pedestrians or people on bikes or skateboards or rollerblades.  Especially now that summer is arriving and more people are enjoying the warmer weather on nice days, these kinds of accidents will be more likely.  And for the person unprotected by a vehicle, such as those on foot or bikes, these accidents are all too often serious or even deadly.

That was tragically the case recently when a teenager, Chandler Jacob Weems from McDonough, was killed when he was hit by a police car while on his bicycle.  The 14 year old boy was riding with his friends from one house to another at the time.  He was hit by the marked patrol car when he left a driveway at about 12:30pm on Saturday April 27 near the intersection of North Ola and Turner Church roads. The police officer driving the car that hit Chandler Weems was Denise Allyson Romano, who was driving north on North Ola Road on her way to start her shift.  Chandler was going westbound and entered her lane of traffic directly from the private driveway.  Chandler was air lifted to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in Egleston, but died of his injuries the next morning according to Henry County Coroner Donald Cleveland.  Officer Romano took leave from the police department after the accident.

A representative of the Henry County Police Department, Sgt. Joey Smith, told reporters, “The officer could not avoid the accident.”  He also said Officer Romano was “very distraught” over the accident, but was uninjured in the accident.  Sgt. Smith also said in the statement, “On behalf of the Henry County Police Department and Police Chief (Keith) Nichols, we express our sadness and sympathy to the family for their loss.”  The Georgia State Patrol is investigating the accident.