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Riding a bicycle is a favorite childhood activity for many young people, but unfortunately it is a very high-risk activity. In fact, CBS recently reported on troubling research published in a journal called Accident Analysis and Prevention that showed serious injuries among children on bikes are pervasive and send hundreds of kids to the ER each day.  atlanta bike accident

Many bicycle accidents involving children occur because dangerous drivers fail to take basic precautions to keep young people safe. If your child is hurt in an accident with a negligent driver, you should contact an Atlanta bike accident lawyer for help as soon as possible. An attorney can assist you in pursuing a claim for compensation so you’ll have the money you need to get your son or daughter medical help and maximize their quality of life after serious injuries.

Atlanta Bike Accidents Put Children at Grave Risk of Injury

In recent decades, there has been a drop in the number of people seriously hurt or killed in car accidents as car safety technologies have developed. Unfortunately, bicycle riders don’t benefit from the advanced safety technologies in vehicles, so bikers remain at substantial risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries when bike accidents happen. Atlanta bike accident lawyer

To protect bike riders, both riders and drivers need to know the rules of the road and should always exercise reasonable care while operating their vehicles.

In order to promote safety and to help reduce the risk of bike crashes, May has been declared to be National Bike Safety Month. Bike riders and drivers should take the opportunity during National Bike Safety Month to review important safety tips with the goal of protecting bike riders from motor vehicle collisions and keeping them safe from harm.

Unfortunately, even when bike riders do everything right, they could still be hurt or killed by irresponsible drivers. If a fatal or serious bike accident happens, an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney should be consulted to provide representation to the injured biker or to his or her surviving family members.  Continue Reading

In recent years, the number of bicycle riders losing their lives in motor vehicle collisions has increased even as the overall number of motor vehicle accident deaths has gone down. However, not every demographic group is at equal risk of dying in bike accidents. A recent report published by the Governors’ Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) reveals that certain groups are much more likely to die in a bike crash than others. In particular, the GHSA warns that “bicycle fatalities are increasingly an urban phenomenon.” bike

For riders and drivers in Atlanta, the risk of bike accidents is a significant risk. Drivers need to be aware of bicycle riders on the road and take reasonable steps to protect these riders from getting hurt. When a bike collision happens, an Atlanta bicycle accident lawyer should be consulted for help taking legal action.

Who is at Risk of Atlanta Bike Accident Fatalities?

Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident lawyers read about a Georgia Tech student who died after being hit by a tractor trailer while he was bicycling in Atlanta. The young man was 20 year old Brian Edmonds, a sophomore and member of the crew team. On April 11, he was cycling eastbound on Ivan Allen Boulevard between two vehicles. He was approaching a stoplight, and the light turned green as he came to Centennial Olympic Park Drive, according to Sergeant Greg Lyon of the Atlanta Police Department. He was hit after he apparently turned in front of a tractor trailer. The driver of the tractor trailer claimed he was unable to avoid the accident, and no criminal charges have been filed. Sergeant Lyon said, “The driver of the tractor-trailer reported there was nothing he could do. The bicycle came out from between two cars and then was in front of his truck.” Brian Edmonds was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition, where he died of his injuries six days later.

BicyclesBicycle safety, both for the bicyclist and drivers on the road, is important and will be more so in the warmer months. Bicyclists need to maintain good visibility so everyone around them can see them, and need to be defensive on the road. Cyclists have to follow the rules of the road like other vehicles, as well. When there is an accident, who is at fault usually comes down to who had the right of way, and in this case, the tractor trailer driver may not have been at fault. But these accidents are serious, and it is often the person on the bicycle who is seriously injured or killed, like Mr. Edmonds, so extra care must be taken by everyone. Bicycle accident deaths are two percent of all people injured in a road accident each year. In 2011, 677 people died in crashes between a bicycle and a vehicle, which comes out to just under two people every day of the year in the U.S. There were also about 48,000 injuries from these bicycle versus car or truck accidents. Sixty nine percent of these fatalities occurred in urban areas, as well, as was the case in Atlanta. Most of the crashes also occur at intersections, as was the case above as well.

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