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A wrong-way accident commonly happens in situations where motorists cross a double yellow into opposing traffic or when motorists enter a highway going in the direction opposite oncoming traffic. The collisions routinely cause devastating injuries and are often fatal, both because of the magnified force of two vehicles striking head-on and because wrong-way accidents generally are high-speed collisions. Atlanta car accident prevention

When a wrong-way accident happens, an Atlanta head on collision lawyer can provide assistance to crash victims in fighting to receive compensation for losses. Unfortunately, when injuries are permanent or death results from wrong-way collisions, even full compensation can be small consolation. Prevention of wrong-way accidents is important to avoid devastating consequences, and Dayton Daily News reported recently that the development of new technologies could soon go a long way towards the prevention of many wrong-way wrecks.

Atlanta Wrong Way Wrecks Could Be Reduced By Technological Advances

In Georgia, failure to stop after causing a collision is a crime. This offense is a serious one if a driver does not stop for an accident that causes injury or death.  Victims hurt by a hit-and-run driver face the serious potential for uncompensated losses. If you are hurt in a crash with a driver who leaves the accident scene, you need to understand what your options are. car accident

An Atlanta car accident lawyer will provide you with assistance and advice on what to do after a hit-and-run happens.  Give us a call to learn about the different alternatives to consider for seeking compensation when you are hurt by a driver who does not stay at the scene of the car crash.

Options After an Atlanta Hit-and-Run Accident

In 2010, 13 percent of the U.S. population was 65 or older. Declining birth rates and the aging of the baby boomers, however, mean that a major demographic shift is coming. By 2030, more than 20 percent of the population in the United States is going to be 65 and up. The increase in the percentage of the senior population is a concern to road safety experts, as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has reported a higher rate of collisions among drivers aged 70 and up compared with drivers who are middle-aged. grandmother-646364-m

Seniors who cause motor vehicle accidents must be held accountable just as younger drivers are. If an elderly motorist makes an unsafe or careless mistake or violates the rules of the road, collision victims should speak with a car accident lawyer in Atlanta about their options for holding the senior driver accountable for crash damages. Before it gets to the point where a senior causes an accident, however, it is beneficial for the senior and his or her family members to make an informed choice about when a senior is no longer safe to drive.

When Do Seniors Present an Unacceptable Atlanta Crash Risk?

Construction picks up in Atlanta during the summer months, which means more construction workers on the roads and more detours or closed lanes.  Construction sites can be dangerous, and construction workers are not the only ones at risk. Drivers who do not know how to react to merging lanes or who are distracted by the construction may be a risk to other motorists on the road. Construction can also lead to road closures causing detours for trucks and other vehicles and increasing the chances of a crash happening on unfamiliar roads. working-701884-m

Because construction sites can be dangerous places, it is imperative drivers slow down to get through the construction zone safely. A driver who disobeys a slower speed limit set in a construction site could be subject to a large traffic ticket fine.  If a driver is disobeying the construction zone limit or is otherwise negligent, his carelessness in the construction area could be justification for a personal injury claim brought by injured workers or other victims involved in a collision.  An Atlanta car accident lawyer at Sammons & Carpenter, P.C. can provide legal assistance to victims involved in construction accident cases.

Roadway Work Zones are Dangerous for Motorists and Workers

Atlanta accidents can happen any time of the year, but there are certain days that are much more dangerous for motorists than others. Yahoo News has listed 10 days of the year when there is a significantly greater chance of becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident. Most of the days on this list are holidays or special occasions during which people significantly increase their road travel and there are many more people on the roads. The high-risk days also include times of the year when people are significantly more likely to consume alcohol and then drive their vehicles. calendar-1072482-m

Motorists need to refrain from drinking and driving and exercise care at all times while operating their vehicles, especially if there are more people on the roads. If a driver is careless, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help victims of any crashes resulting from the driver’s negligence. Crash victims or their surviving family members may be entitled to compensation for all losses caused by a motorist who is behaving in an unsafe way.

When are Atlanta Car Accidents Most Likely to Occur?

Georgia is one of the majority of states that have prohibited texting and driving. States have moved forward to ban sending and reading text while behind the wheel because distracted driving crashes are so much more likely to occur when a driver is texting. In fact, a texting driver is as much as 23 times more likely to get into a crash compared with a driver who is paying attention. mobile-phone-1104507-m

Since texting bans in most states have been in place for several years, researchers decided to conduct a survey in order to determine if these bans have had an impact. News Max recently reported on the results of the research, which revealed that there has been a decline in motor vehicle accidents in states with texting bans. Drivers need to be aware of texting bans and follow them in order to help contribute to the decline in traffic deaths. If motorists chose to drive while texting, an Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer can help victims of any resulting collisions to pursue a claim for compensation if a crash occurs. Continue Reading

Teens are the age group most likely to become involved in car crashes for many reasons. One big reason why teens are at such great risk is that they may be more susceptible to distraction. Many young people use electronic devices as they drive. Teens with young passengers in the car with them are also not very effective at multi-tasking and tend to become involved in more crashes than if they are in the vehicle alone. boys-1185050-m

While the dangers of distracted driving accidents have been well-known for some time, a recent study conducted by the AAA Traffic Foundation shows that the risk to teens may be much worse than previously anticipated.  The new AAA study suggests that teens may be four times more likely to become involved in distracted driving crashes than earlier estimates showed.  Continue Reading

Cities throughout the United States are taking innovative steps to try to eliminate traffic fatalities. Varying techniques are being employed, ranging from lowering speed limits to pushing non-vehicle transportation, in an effort to achieve “Vision Zero.” Some of these plans are modeled after systems used in other countries that have been successful at achieving dramatically lower death rates than the United States. crashed-car-1148745-m

While no fatalities of any motorist may be an unrealistic goal, it is still a good goal to set if it can focus lawmakers’ attentions on the problem of motor vehicle deaths and if it leads to policies being put into place that make the roads safer. Anything that reduces the number of people killed in traffic accidents is a step in the right direction because fewer deaths means fewer families suffering tremendous financial and emotional loss. Continue Reading

For young children throughout Atlanta, car accidents are one of the top causes of fatalities. While kids may lose their lives as passengers in vehicles, they are also at special risk of becoming involved in a fatal pedestrian accident. Recently, the Wall Street Journal took a close look at some of the potential reasons why children are one of the demographic groups most likely to die in pedestrian accidents. children

Drivers need to be aware that children on the roads are especially vulnerable to being hurt or even killed in a car accident. Motorists traveling through school zones or residential areas should be on the lookout for young kids. If a driver is not paying attention or is careless in some way that causes him or her to hit a child, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can represent the young victim and his or her family.

Attention Span Issues Put Kids at Risk of Atlanta Crashes

In the state of Georgia, Peach Pass allows motorists to go through tolls without stopping. Toll passes are intended to increase convenience for motorists and to reduce traffic congestion. However, some states are exploring another possible use for these in-vehicle devices: reducing the risk of car crashes caused by speeding drivers. speeding

Speeding is one of the most dangerous things that a motorist can do on the road. Since 2003, speeding has been a factor in around a third of car accident deaths across the United States. Going too fast plays a role in causing 30 percent of total car crashes, including non-fatal accidents. Drivers who operate their vehicles faster than it is safe for them to do so need to be held accountable. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can help pursue action against speeders on behalf of crash victims, but it is better to stop someone from speeding before an accident happens and lives are changed forever.

Can Toll Passes Help Reduce Atlanta Speeding Accidents