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There has been a big increase in car accidents over the past several years, and the New York Times thinks they have determined one big reason why so many more people are dying in car accidents: apps.  There are a huge number of apps specifically designed to be used in cars now. People also use lots of different apps, including games and social networking applications, while they are driving. As these motorists use their phones and electronic devices to manipulate apps, they take their focus off the road. This leads to auto accidents. Atlanta distracted driving accidents

If a driver is using an app while behind the wheel, the motorist should be held legally responsible for damages if he causes a crash to happen. An Atlanta distracted driving accident lawyer can provide representation to victims, and to surviving family members of victims of fatal crashes, in pursuing a claim for compensation after a collision occurs.  Contact an attorney for help after a crash.

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Last year, WABE reported on rising speed limits in Atlanta and in areas throughout Georgia. The Georgia Department of Transportation conducted research on raising the speed limit, identifying areas where the DOT believed motorists could safely travel as fast as 70 MPH.  Because of DOT’s decisions, seven counties in metro-Atlanta saw the speed limit go up to either 65 MPH or 70 MPH. Affected counties included Dekalb, Fulton, Clayton, Cobb, Gwinnett, Rockdale, and Douglas. Roads in these counties where speed limits rose included I-85, I-20, I-75 and Georgia 400. atlanta speed limit car accidents

Georgia was not alone in raising speed limits. In fact, reports there is a national trend going on of different states making the legally permitted speed limit faster than ever. This trend has serious consequences for road safety, as many more accidents can occur when vehicles are traveling at high speeds.

If you are involved in an Atlanta car accident and the driver was going too fast to be safe, an auto accident lawyer should be consulted for assistance in determining if you can pursue a damage claim against the speeding driver.

Road rage is increasingly becoming a problem. In fact, KSAT recently reported on troubling data from an AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey. The survey showed the vast majority of drivers have felt road rage and many have allowed their anger to influence their driving actions. Atlanta aggressive driving accidents

When drivers act out of rage or frustration, their aggressive actions can significantly increase the risk of auto accidents. An Atlanta car accident lawyer should be consulted for help by victims of road rage accidents in order to pursue a claim for compensation for losses.

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Drowsy driving is now being called an “epidemic,” with more than 300,000 motor vehicle crashes occurring annually because of fatigued motorists. These collisions cause an estimated 6,400 fatalities each year. The scope of the crash rate and the number of deaths led panelists at a recent forum held at the Harvard School of Public Health to warn that we can no longer afford to take baby steps in dealing with the distracted driving crisis. Atlanta drowsy driving accident

Drivers need to be aware of the risks of driving when they are tired, and should ensure that they make smart choices like stopping to rest when they find themselves dozing off or unable to pay attention.

If a motorist is too tired and continues to drive, this negligent decision could make him responsible for the serious consequences of his actions. This means victims could potentially pursue a case against the fatigued driver with the help of an Atlanta drowsy driving accident attorney.

Teenagers are often excited to get their license, and many are unaware or unconcerned about the fact that car crashes are the single leading killer of young people in the United States. Teen car accidents are a terrible tragedy, and innocent victims could be hurt or killed because teenage passengers make dangerous decisions behind the wheel. disturbed-teen-2-1499259

When a teen crash occurs, a car accident lawyer can help the victims of the accident- including passengers and other motorists- to take legal action against the teenager who was responsible for causing the crash to occur. Teen drivers and their parents need to be aware of some of the common causes of teen collisions, and of ways to prevent them, to avoid liability and to save lives.

Tips for the Prevention of Atlanta Teen Car Accident Deaths

Sudden acceleration can cause dangerous collisions. Sudden acceleration is described by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as “unintended, unexpected, high-powered acceleration, accompanied by an apparent loss of braking effectiveness that typically occurs from a very low initial speed when the driver is attempting to stop the vehicle.” dashboard-1151759-m

Over the past 40 years, NHTSA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have received numerous reports of sudden acceleration and have launched myriad investigations.  No vehicle defect has been identified during this time to explain the sudden failures of both the braking system and throttle.  Instead, pedal application data from vehicle event data recorders over the past five years suggests accidents in which sudden acceleration has occurred likely happened because a driver accidentally hit the gas instead of the brakes. These investigations have led NHTSA and NTSB to conclude reports of sudden acceleration were all likely caused not by a vehicle problem but by pedal error.

A driver who accidentally hits the gas instead of the brake can cause a dangerous high-speed collision. Innocent victims should consult with an Atlanta car accident lawyer at Sammons & Carpenter for assistance in pursuing a case for damages when pedal error has occurred.

Atlanta drivers, like most drivers throughout the United States, respond to road and environmental conditions when deciding how fast to go. Although speed limits serve as a guide (and are legally enforced), drivers will typically go slower than the posted limit during poor conditions and will exceed the speed limit and drive at a speed that feels safe when road conditions are more optimal. An Atlanta car accident lawyer knows that if a driver is operating his vehicle in an unsafe way and going too fast for the road he is on, those who are harmed as a result can pursue a claim for compensation. welsh-country-lane-1444598-m

One of the factors that impacts how fast a driver will go is how wide the roads are. Road widths need to be designed with a variety of different safety criteria in mind, but some recent evidence from Streets Blog suggests roads are being designed to be too wide based on faulty and outdated research.  These wide streets lead to excess speeds that increase collision risk and put all motorists, especially pedestrians, in danger.

Wide Streets Endanger Atlanta Motorists and Increase Collision Risks

Cities throughout the United States are taking innovative steps to try to eliminate traffic fatalities. Varying techniques are being employed, ranging from lowering speed limits to pushing non-vehicle transportation, in an effort to achieve “Vision Zero.” Some of these plans are modeled after systems used in other countries that have been successful at achieving dramatically lower death rates than the United States. crashed-car-1148745-m

While no fatalities of any motorist may be an unrealistic goal, it is still a good goal to set if it can focus lawmakers’ attentions on the problem of motor vehicle deaths and if it leads to policies being put into place that make the roads safer. Anything that reduces the number of people killed in traffic accidents is a step in the right direction because fewer deaths means fewer families suffering tremendous financial and emotional loss. Continue Reading

Each year, the Advocates for Highway & Auto Safety release a Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws.  This roadmap gives each state a ranking of either red, yellow or green based on how well the state has done in passing laws to protect motorists. Red means poor performance; yellow means moderately positive performance with room for improvement, and green means that the state has shown “significant advancement” towards implementing recommended highway safety laws. law books

The state of Georgia received a “yellow” ranking this year.  Georgia got credit for having 10 important safety laws out of 15 total recommended regulations.  While the state wasn’t the worst in terms of protecting motorists, its yellow ranking means there is lots of room to improve. Georgia lawmakers should consider passing legislation that addresses deficiencies in safety rules, while drivers need to be aware of what behaviors are considered risky and should do everything they can to avoid those actions.  If a driver does something unsafe, regardless of whether it is against the law or not, an Atlanta car accident lawyer can help those who are hurt in the crash to pursue legal action against that motorist. Continue Reading

December is a festive month, but it can also be a dangerous month. Many Atlanta collisions occur over the course of this month as people visit holiday parties or New Years Eve events and end up getting behind the wheel after consuming too much alcohol. drunk-531484-m

Preventing intoxicated driving needs to be a top priority for motorists this holiday. To draw attention to the issue, December has been classified as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Drivers need to take the opportunity to learn about the statistics and risks of intoxicated driving so they can make informed choices. Victims of crashes also need to learn what their rights are and should strongly consider speaking with an experienced Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer for help pursuing a damage claim.

Drunk Driving Collision Prevention Efforts