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Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys saw a news report about a tractor trailer crash on I-20 this week that injured two people. A FedEx tandem-trailer truck rear ended a converted school bus while the bus drove slowly in the right lane. A Georgia State Patrol spokeswoman wrote, “After impact, both vehicles traveled off the right shoulder of the roadway and overturned.file481287608833 (1) At some point after the crash, both vehicles caught on fire.” The truck driver, who sustained critical injuries, was airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, where he was taken to the burn unit upon arrival. The bus driver was taken to Tanner Medical Center in Villa Rica. Police closed the westbound lanes of I-20 for about three hours due to the crash and resulting fire.

This week’s crash was just one example of many dangerous accidents involving large trucks on the road. Earlier this month, a tractor trailer rear-ended a mail truck while the mail truck made deliveries in a residential area. The mail truck overturned before stopping upside down in a resident’s front yard. The impact caused mail to scatter across the yard. The driver of the mail truck became stuck underneath her vehicle, and Gordon County firefighters were forced to remove her from the car. According to a Georgia State Patrol Trooper, she was in stable condition when a Gordon County EMS ambulance took her to Floyd Medical Center. A gas leak also occurred as a result of the crash. The tractor trailer driver faces a charge of following too closely.

Luckily, neither crash caused any fatalities, but the fire and gas leaks still caused real damage. These accidents have the potential to be enormously dangerous or even fatal. Extra caution must be taken when driving, or when driving near, large vehicles such as tractor trailers.

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers saw the news about a fatal car crash from a couple weeks ago. At around 11pm on a Sunday night, a car tire burst on I-75 near Valdosta in Lowndes County. The car, a Honda Accord, spun out of control and hit a retaining wall, with the rear of the car still blocking the left lane. A Toyota 4Runner traveling down the highway strucfile2811244091888k the Accord. One of the the 4Runner’s occupants had to be air-lifted to Tallahassee for medical treatment. The driver of the Accord was taken to South Georgia Medical Center for treatment.

About 20 minutes after the initial accident, while traffic was still moving slowly, another crash occurred along the same stretch of I-75. Sergeant Carl Taylor of the Georgia State Patrol said, “Traffic had stopped due to the first crash on the interstate, and for whatever reason, a tractor trailer Southbound struck the stopped vehicles in the road way. It made contact with a total of, I believe, seven other vehicles, which would be a total of eight vehicles in this crash.” Corporal Peter Lukas of the Georgia State Patrol said, “There was three semis involved, one U-Haul, one F-250 with a camper and three other vehicles.”The second accident severely damaged two cars and caused four deaths. 13 others were taken to the hospital with injuries.

According to Sergeant Taylor, an initial investigation indicates the accident might be to due distracted driving by the tractor trailer’s driver. Police took blood samples, but neither alcohol nor other intoxicants were found to have factored into the crash. SGMC treated the tractor trailer’s driver for non-life threatening injuries, and he could face multiple charges related to the crash. An investigation by the Georgia State Patrol’s Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team is ongoing. It is estimated the investigation could take more than a month to complete.

Last Saturday, a tractor trailer accident caused the death of a 40 year old Marietta, Georgia, man, Hafiz M. Ilyas, according to news sources. Our Atlanta tractor trailer accident attorneys know that these kinds of accidents are all too common and that tractor trailer accidents often result in injuries or fatalities to the people in the passenger car, rather than the truck.

The accident occurred on I-85 southbound in an unincorporated area of Suwanee in Gwinnett County, near the Old Peachtree Street overpass.  Mr. Ilyas car, a green 1994 Toyota Camry, was in the far right lane.  A tractor trailer, driven by Raymond L. Hatt Jr., 35 years old and from Manton, Georgia, was in the lane next to Mr. Ilyas.  Hatt changed lanes without looking properly, cutting off Mr. Ilyas  and forcing him to drive on the shoulder.  He lost control of his car, veered back in the road and hit Hatt’s tractor trailer.  The car got stuck under the trailer of the truck and then caught fire, and Mr. Ilyas was trapped.  People at the scene and video footage shows the trailer engulfed in white smoke, and photographs show the Camry wedged under the trailer.  One witness, Anabela Kovacs from Jackson County, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “The small car was pressed between the tractor trailer and the railing, completely engulfed in fire.”  The accident blocked traffic for most of the day as investigators were on the scene.

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Tragically, Mr. Ilyas died at the scene of the accident.  Hatt was taken to the Gwinnett Detention Center and has now been charged with second degree vehicular homicide, unsafe lane change, and failure to signal a lane change.