Skateboarder Hit By Car

Our Atlanta car accident attorneys noticed a scary story in the news this week about a 12-year-old boy on a skateboard who was hit by a car.

On Monday evening the 12-year-old, his brother, and friends were fooling around. The boy was on a skateboard on his stomach, with the others pushing him near the Pebble Point subdivision in Loganville. Then, as Loganville police Lt. John Fain said,  “The vehicle was passing them and somehow he was run over.” The boy was flown to the hospital by Life Flight from Bay Creek Elementary School. His condition is unclear, but police expected him to live.

Lt. Fain called it a “freak accident” and said the driver did not intend to hit the boy, but the incident is still under investigation. The accident prompted those concerned in the neighborhood to initiate a discussion about pedestrian and driver safety in their area though – a healthy dialogue for any community. One concerned neighbor, Daisy Duck, said the accident did not surprise her and that “The kids play in the street and the cars fly by.”  Another concerned neighbor said, “I live on Pebble Point and people speed down the road as if there were a fire to get to!  I wouldn’t ever bought a house on Pebble Point if I knew the cops could not pull you over for speeding. Speed bumps should be put on the street so our kids can play outside safely!” A third called for a safety inspection by the civil engineering department of the city.

This is an especially important conversation for Georgians to have, given that a report last year showed that Georgia had a 25 percent higher pedestrian death rate than the United States average. This rate continued rising in recent years, as well. In 2001, the pedestrian death rate comprised nine percent of Georgia’s roadway deaths. By 2010, this was 13.5 percent. Even while overall road accident deaths are dropping, pedestrian deaths are still on the rise, making the percentage seem even larger. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides this data, and it is important for towns and communities to be knowledgeable. And for drivers to understand that they need to be especially careful driving in neighborhoods and areas with pedestrian and bike traffic, and near where children often play. Find out more about pedestrian safety and what you should be doing at the NHTSA’s website here, especially as we get closer to the summer months.

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