Shuttle Bus- Tractor Trailer Accident Near Hartsfield- Jackson

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States, if not the world.  Our Atlanta truck accident attorneys saw a recent news article about a crash last week between a tractor trailer and a bus shuttling people for Hampton Inn, Fairfield Inn, and Hilton hotels to the airport, which was run by the company MTI Limo & Shuttle Services.

The accident happened when a tractor trailer tried to make a u-turn on Loop Road, the road that circles Hartsfield-Jackson, near the exit from I-85 northbound.  The shuttle bus slammed into the left side of the tractor trailer as it tried to U-turn.  The front of the shuttle bus was smashed and damaged.  The tractor trailer driver, Mario Cochran, was not injured and police officials are still investigating whether the U-turn was legal or if any other traffic laws were violated. 

Eighteen people were injured in this crash and taken to area hospitals.  The shuttle bus driver, Yolanda Boles, had to be extracted from the wreckage by rescue workers, but it turned out he only suffered bumps and bruises and was released from the hospital.  Grady Memorial Hospital and Atlanta Medical Center split the injuries, with nine injured going to each hospital according to Janet Ward, a spokesperson for the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department.  Fortunately, none of the injuries seemed to be fatal.  Grady Memorial stated they were treating two people with serious injuries- one with a collapsed lung and the other with fractures in both shoulders.

It was unclear whether the shuttle bus had seatbelts, but regardless Sgt. Keith Stanley of the College Park Police Department said based on the injuries the bus passengers were not wearing seatbelts and so were thrown during the crash.  It also appeared that the shuttle bus was travelling at some speed, based on the 158 feet long skid marks on the road.

The city council is now waiting on a police report on the accident to decide whether to give MTI Limos a four year contract to shuttle people from Atlanta to the airport.  Georgia State Patrol reports show that MTI Limo were inspected 13 times with a resulting 26 violations found.  These violations included things like worn tires and broken emergency latches, but were all from 2011 and the company claims to have fixed everything promptly.  Two of the affected hotels, a Hilton and a Hampton Inn, stated they too are waiting for the investigation and report from the College Park Police Department.  The department says the report should be out by the end of this week.

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