Seven Car Pileup

Our Atlanta car and truck accident lawyers know that multiple vehicle wrecks can cause tremendous damage and harm to all concerned.  This week, according to news reports, three people were killed in a seven-car chair reaction crash on I-95.

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The accident happened in Glynn County on an overpass over US 17 near Brunswick.  At about 3pm on Tuesday, a tractor trailer was speeding on the overpass and rear ended a Lexus and then a Ford Escape.  Then a Volkswagen was hit in the rear, as was a truck with a travel trailer.  The impact caused the truck to hit the back of a second tractor trailer. The travel trailer behind the truck was rear-ended by a car which was in turn struck from behind by another car.  A tractor-trailer then rolled over the second car, dragging it forward and to the left beneath the tractor, where it remained.

By the time the original tractor trailer stopped, the Lexus was trapped beneath it with a man and woman inside, 80 year old Rocco Joseph Urso and 76 year old Heidy E. Urso. Senior Trooper Andy Sinquefield of the Georgia State Patrol called the Lexus “pancaked” beneath the cab of the tractor trailer.  By the time emergency workers got them out of the trapped Lexus, which took several hours, they had both died.  The driver of the Ford Escape, 71 year old Reinhold T. Steinhilber, was being transported to the hospital but died en route.  Four other people were injured in the crash, as well.

A Special Collision Reconstruction Team will investigate the crash and see if any criminal charges will be brought.  Trooper Sinquefield told reporters the Lexus was unrecognizable and said, “We’ve just got a real mess out here.”

The road was already slow that day too, because this seven-car pileup was the second accident of the day.  In that accident a tractor trailer lost one of its wheels, which bounced in the road and hit the back of a pickup truck, but fortunately in that accident no one was seriously injured.  The tractor trailer was burning in the median, though, while emergency crews determined whether the burning load was hazardous or not.

These accidents show how common tractor trailers can become dangers on the highway.  The second accident could have been fatal as well, and it was just lucky that no one died.  And the first accident cost the lives of three innocent drivers.  These accidents involving large commercial vehicles need to be minimized to save lives.

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