Safe Driving Tips for New Years Eve to Avoid Atlanta Car Accidents

The New Year is fast approaching and many people will be out and about on New Years Eve. Unfortunately, New Years Eve is one of the most dangerous days on the roads in the United States. New Years is a high risk time because of increased travel, as people visit friends and family members and head out to celebrations. One of the biggest risks on New Years Eve, however, is motorists who drink to celebrate and then drive while intoxicated. Atlanta car accident risks

It is important that everyone who will be driving on New Years Eve follow best practices to try to reduce the risk of auto accidents on this dangerous day. If a crash does happen, victims of the accident must understand what options they have available to them for making a damage claim and seeking compensation for losses.

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Safe New Years Driving Tips to Avoid Atlanta Car Accidents

On New Years, your risk of accident is greater no matter how careful you are because of the simple fact that other motorists won’t be safe. However, there are still some things that you can and should do to try to avoid getting hurt, or hurting others, in an auto accident.

One of the biggest things that you need to do is to stay sober yourself. You do not want to contribute to the elevated risk of impaired driving accidents that occurs on New Years Eve. If you plan to drive, do not drink. If you are going to drink, use a car sharing service, call a taxi, or arrange a designated driver. Have your plans made in advance before you begin to consume alcohol so you aren’t left in a situation where you are tempted to drive.

You should also be watchful for others on the road who might be impaired while you are driving on New Years Eve. If you see someone swerving or doing something that is dangerous, you should contact the police to report the suspected impaired driver. You should try to stay away from the car as much as you can so the intoxicated person does not hurt you. In other to become aware of potentially drunk drivers, it is important you stay focused on the road at all times and that you pay careful attention to what other motorists are doing. Assertive driving is essential when there is a chance of impaired driving.

Staying within the speed limit, avoiding the use of electronic devices, and following other rules of the road is also important to try to avoid accidents every day, but especially on New Years when the risk is greater. Of course, even motorists who do everything right could be hurt, and these motorists need to know how to pursue a claim for compensation against those who harmed them.

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