Safe Driving for Teens During Prom Season

Our Atlanta car accident lawyers know about the dangers of teen driving, which are heightened when teens drink and drive. We are now around prom season and going into graduation time and according to a survey done by AAA, including of teens in Georgia, a frightening 41 percent of teens said they planned to use drugs or drink alcohol during the prom and graduation season. Even more worrying is that 84 percent of the teens said they would rather drive drunk or high than call their parents to pick them up, saying they were afraid of getting in trouble. The AAA survey was of students 16 to 19 years old in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Wisconsin. Teens are already some of the least experienced drivers on the road, and introducing these other factors is a recipe for road accidents.


Some companies and organizations are trying to promote teen safety in light of these sobering statistics. In the end of April, Drive Smart Georgia did events at high schools in north Atlanta. The events focused on making smart driving decisions during the prom season. The sessions encouraged students to take the AAA PROMise pledge to not drink alcohol, drive intoxicated or get in the car with someone who has been drinking. The north Atlanta events included raffles for students who signed the pledge and was supported by many businesses in the area, including Chick-fil-A and Chili’s. Also at the end of last month, Forsyth Central High School staged what they called a “Ghost Out.” On the school’s football field, emergency workers and police staged a mock car accident with one fatality and two injuries, trying to make it as realistic as possible for the students. Doug Rainwater from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said, “A lot of times, kids their age think they’re invincible. Hopefully, this will make them think twice before doing something dumb.”

This time of year, around prom and graduation, more than one third of alcohol related traffic fatalities occur. Even if a teen makes the right choice and doesn’t drink and drive, there is still danger from other teenagers who were not so intelligent. Aside from these intoxication issues, teens might be distracted by everything that is going on, such as excitement, nervousness, and even friends being silly in the car while another teen drives. And no one is alone on the road; even innocent, responsible drivers are hurt by negligent or reckless drivers.  During prom and graduation, extra care should be taken even by responsible drivers.

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