Reducing Truck Accident Regulations Could Cause More Atlanta Car Accidents

President Donald J. Trump entered office with a commitment to cut regulations and, in meetings with business leaders during his first week in office, President Trump suggested regulations might be cut by 75 percent or more. One industry looking forward to regulations being slashed is the trucking industry. Many trucking advocacy groups have long advocated for various rules to be repealed and for regulations to be changed to lessen compliance burdens on truck drivers. These advocacy groups are hopeful they will have an ally in the White House who can successfully cut regulations with the help of a Republican congress. Atlanta truck accidents

While cutting regulations can sometimes make sense, there are many situations where regulations are in place because the rules are needed to stop dangerous behavior and save lives. If too many important regulations are rolled back, the risk of truck accidents could rise significantly and there could be more people hurt or killed on Atlanta roads.

Preventing this undesirable outcome is vitally important and trucking companies and truck drivers must continue to follow best practices for safety, even if rules change. If truckers and trucking companies engage in unsafe behavior and cause crashes to happen, victims of these accidents can pursue a legal claim for compensation with help from an Atlanta truck accident lawyer

Cutting Regulations Could Increase Risks of Atlanta Truck Accidents reported that many advocacy groups within the trucking industry are looking to President Trump to make changes to regulations impacting the trucking profession. For example, the Western States Trucking Association hopes that Mr. Trump will mandate that any federal agency which plans to promulgate a new safety rule must: “perform meaningful cost-benefit analysis to justify rulemakings.”  If President Trump were to take such an action, this would slow down the rule-making process, making it harder for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) to promulgate new rules due to additional analysis steps that would take time and cost money.

Some advocacy groups are also hoping Trump will suspend or delay the requirement that truckers switch from paper logs to Electronic Tracking Devices. The switch is intended to make it harder for truck drivers to lie in their paperwork so the truckers can violate hours-of-service rules that limit drive time per day and per week.  Although these electronic logging devices could save lives by helping to prevent drowsy driving truck accidents,  some industry groups are concerned about the costs of the devices to truckers and trucking companies.

Republicans have shown a willingness to suspend regulations already, with certain rules related to overnight rest breaks put on hold after language was inserted into a must-pass bill. The add-on to the must-pass bill stopped the enforcement of a rule mandating two rest periods from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM as part of a rest period once drivers had reached their maximum weekly drive time.

It remains to be seen what regulations, if any, will be cut or changed, but it is important to remember that any changes to regulations could have an impact on road safety. Hopefully, changing the rules will not cause an increase in truck accidents to occur, especially if truckers and trucking companies continue to exercise caution and ensure they make safe choices.

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