Reducing Atlanta Crash Risks By Expanding Teen Driving Safety Efforts

Motor vehicle accidents remain the top cause of teen deaths throughout the United States, despite efforts made to make the roads safer for young people. Governors Highway Safety Association is calling for new efforts aimed at preventing deadly accidents involving teenage drivers. The report was written by experts in teen driving and was guided by a panel with special experience in teen crash risks. It focuses on how adults who influence teenagers can help to stop dangerous behaviors, and how states can partner with these adults in an effort to reduce collision risks. traffic-jamz-1446911

Crashes involving teen drivers are devastating, as these young people often injure their friends or family members who are in the car with them, along with injuring strangers. Anyone who is a victim of a crash as a direct result of a negligent, careless, or illegal action by a teenage driver must understand his or her rights. An Atlanta car accident lawyer can provide help to motorists who have been harmed. You may be entitled to receive monetary compensation from the teen’s insurer for all of the damages and losses you have been forced to endure because of the collision.

Prevention of Teen Driving Collisions

In 2013, close to 4,000 drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 became involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents. This number is on the rise, and preliminary data suggests there will be more teens involved in fatal car accidents this year.

An improving economy means more teenagers have disposable income and thus are more likely to be frequent travelers on the nation’s roadways. These teenagers are often in older cars that do not have modern, advanced safety features that help to mitigate collision risks. These teens also lack in experience necessary to respond in dangerous driving situations, and may make unsafe choices like drinking, which significantly increases the likelihood of a collision occurring.

GHSA suggests parents can make a big difference in shaping the behavior of teenagers, helping them to be safer behind the wheel. However, parents are not the only ones who can assist young people in making safer driving choices. Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 generally spend five hours per day in school on average, and spend several additional hours per week participating in activities like sports or other extracurriculars. GHSA believes coaches, teachers, employers, and all other adults in a teens life all can play an important role in bringing down the rate of teenage driving crashes.

A GDL game plan has been established to assist coaches and athletic directors in talking about graduated licensing with teenage sports players, while some consumer safety groups are providing grants to high school activity directors to promote conversations between teachers and parents about drugged driving.

When events are organized, the school is awarded up to a $300 stipend. The youth-based organization, 4-H, also has a 2015 NYSD kit which includes an experiment aimed at providing more insight into distracted driving for young people.

If all adults work together to try to help kids be safer drivers, hopefully fewer accidents will be caused by inexperienced young motorists.

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