“Punishing Drivers” Create Atlanta Car Accident Risks

Aggressive driving is very dangerous. Unfortunately, many motorists will give into their anger at some point on the road and will drive in an aggressive and dangerous way. In fact, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported recently that the vast majority of U.S. drivers becomes aggressive while driving at least some time over the course of every year. Atlanta road rage accidents

Accidents caused by aggressive drivers are preventable, and should never happen. If you or someone you love is involved in a crash that is caused by a motorist’s road rage, you should pursue a case for full and fair compensation for both financial and compensatory damages. An Atlanta car accident attorney can provide assistance in taking legal action when your life is changed because a driver could not keep his temper. 

Aggressive Drivers and Atlanta Auto Accident Dangers

According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, as many as 80 percent of all drivers within the United States who responded to an AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety admitted they had given into anger and committed at least one aggressive action behind the wheel over the course of the year.

To help drivers determine if they are engaging in the kinds of aggressive behavior that results in auto accidents, AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has prepared a quiz for motorists. Motorists can complete the quiz to see if they are considered a “punishing driver.” Punishing drivers do things like flash their high beams because they are dissatisfied with the driving behaviors of other motorists on the road.  The quiz is designed to determine if you become angry and impatient while driving, and if that emotional attitude leads to competitive or combative behavior. The AAA Foundation quiz includes questions like:

  • How often do you complain to passengers about other drivers?
  • How often you swear at other drivers.
  • How frequently you make obscene gestures at other drivers.
  • How often you block other vehicles that are trying to pass.
  • How often you block cars that are attempting to change lanes.
  • How frequently do you tailgate?
  • Whether you hit the brakes suddenly in order to punish someone who is tailgating behind your vehicle.
  • How often you use your high beams because another driver has caused you to get angry.

If you find yourself answering yes to the questions and discovering that you are a punishing and aggressive driver, it is very important that you change your ways. If you are aggressive on the road and you hurt or kill someone, you can be held accountable.

Whether you are an aggressive driver or not, unfortunately you are still at the mercy of other motorists on the road. If someone else behaves badly out of anger or frustration, you could be hurt. An attorney can help you to hold the aggressive driver accountable if his actions hurt you or killed someone you love in a fatal auto accident.

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