Prison for Drunk Driver that Caused a Tragic Car Accident Death

In Columbia County Superior Court this week, Lucky Wade Jackson plead guilty to first-degree vehicular homicide and running a red light. The Criminal Case involved the tragic drunk driving car accident death of 19-year- old Jordan Elizabeth White on September 12, 2012.

Last September, 43-year-old Mr. Jackson was driving his Ford F-250 pickup truck while intoxicated on Washington Road. Later tests confirmed that his blood alcohol level at the time was 0.281, well above the legal limit. Jackson ran a red light at the corner of Ronald Reagan Drive, smashing into Jordan White’s car, a 2001 Honda Accord. The Honda slid onto the grass in front of a bank and Mr. Jackson’s truck went into the other lane, hitting a tractor trailer stopped at the red light. The teenager died later at the Medical College of Georgia Hospital from injuries sustained in the car crash. Her two passengers were treated for minor injuries. A Georgia grand jury indicted Jackson for the crimes above, and also for failure to wear a seatbelt.

Due to his guilty plea, prosecutors in the case recommended to Judge Carl C. Brown Jr. that Jackson receive a sentence of 12 years in prison. Judge Brown sentenced him accordingly – 12 years, plus four more of probation, in addition to community service, alcohol treatment, and restitution. The community service ordered was specified at 500 hours of speaking publicly about the consequences of drunk driving and substance abuse. At the sentencing, Mr. Jackson appeared contrite, saying to the White family, “There’s not enough words I can come up with that tell you how sorry I am. If there is anything I could do to change it or to take Jordan’s place, I would.” Jordan’s mother, Jackie White, said, “Today, there are no winners, just huge loss.”

Despite drunk driving ruining countless lives and families, it continues to be a massive problem in our society. Education and awareness campaigns have been ongoing for decades, but reckless people still choose to drive while impaired, endangering their own lives as well as innocent victims who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, like Jordan White. Jordan’s father, Joe White, said he wanted something positive to come from his daughter’s tragic death, saying, “I just hope that everyone here can keep the positive in mind. Do something kind for someone else in her honor.”

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