Preventing Atlanta Thanksgiving Collisions

Forbes reports Thanksgiving is one of the most dangerous days of the year. In 2012, 764 motor vehicle accidents throughout the nation caused fatalities during Thanksgiving. This is a higher number of fatalities than other high-risk driving days, like Christmas- during which 654 fatalities occurred over the same year. In addition to the deadly crashes, there were also almost 50,000 non-fatal collisions that caused injury over the course of Thanksgiving. thanksgiving-table-1443940

Drivers make many unsafe choices that lead to a higher risk of Thanksgiving accidents. When a motorist endangers himself or others, victims who the driver hurts can pursue a claim for monetary compensation for any losses resulting from a motor vehicle accident. An Atlanta car accident attorney can provide assistance to individuals and to the families of those who are hurt or killed over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Prevention of Thanksgiving Car Accidents

Thanksgiving is a particularly dangerous time period for drivers due to the fact many people travel to see friends or family. If there are more motorists taking trips, a higher number of people on the roads translates into a higher number of accidents.

A bigger problem for Thanksgiving is that many people end up consuming alcoholic beverages and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Forbes indicates NHTSA data shows around 40 percent of passengers who were killed over Thanksgiving were in a car with a driver who had consumed more than the permissible legal alcohol limit.

The Wall Street Journal also describes an elevated risk of impaired driving over Thanksgiving. With many college students coming home from school for the first time since summer break and with many adults having time off, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving has become such a big drinking day it is sometimes called Blackout Wednesday. One local DUI-enforcement coordinator said 412 arrests were made in the local area because of so much Thanksgiving drinking, while just 267 arrests were made for DUI over New Years and 197 arrests were made for drunk driving over Christmas.

Drivers need to make sure they avoid consumption of alcohol before getting behind the wheel. It can be difficult to judge when you have had too much alcohol to drive safely after you have already begun to drink, so you should plan ahead to have a designated driver before you actually begin imbibing at a Thanksgiving event. Bringing the telephone number of a car service or taxi service with you when you go out is also a smart choice in case you end up caught without a ride.

Other than staying sober, there are also some other things motorists can do to stay safe over Thanksgiving, including avoiding distractions, leaving plenty of time to get to your destination so you do not speed, and stopping for a rest on a long trip if you find yourself feeling tired or worried about dozing off behind the wheel.

By taking some extra precautions to be safe over this Thanksgiving holiday, hopefully drivers will be able to avoid serious accidents. If you were in a crash caused by another motorist, you also must understand your rights. Contact an attorney serving Atlanta for more details.

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