Preventing Atlanta Bike Accidents During Bicycle Safety Month

In recent decades, there has been a drop in the number of people seriously hurt or killed in car accidents as car safety technologies have developed. Unfortunately, bicycle riders don’t benefit from the advanced safety technologies in vehicles, so bikers remain at substantial risk of suffering serious or fatal injuries when bike accidents happen. Atlanta bike accident lawyer

To protect bike riders, both riders and drivers need to know the rules of the road and should always exercise reasonable care while operating their vehicles.

In order to promote safety and to help reduce the risk of bike crashes, May has been declared to be National Bike Safety Month. Bike riders and drivers should take the opportunity during National Bike Safety Month to review important safety tips with the goal of protecting bike riders from motor vehicle collisions and keeping them safe from harm.

Unfortunately, even when bike riders do everything right, they could still be hurt or killed by irresponsible drivers. If a fatal or serious bike accident happens, an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney should be consulted to provide representation to the injured biker or to his or her surviving family members. 

Atlanta Bike Accident Prevention Tips

National Safety Council offered helpful tips for bike riders during National Bike Safety Month to help bikers reduce the chances of being hurt or killed in a fatal crash. NSC advised:

  • Wearing a helmet while riding: The risk of brain injury can be reduced by 58 percent when wearing a helmet, especially as bike riders are most likely to strike their heads when an accident happens since they usually fly forward. However, even if bike riders aren’t wearing a helmet, drivers who cause them to suffer brain injury in a crash can still be responsible for resulting losses.
  • Becoming as visible as possible: One of the leading causes of bike accidents is drivers who don’t see bikers because bikes are much smaller than cars. Bicycle riders should do everything they can to try to ensure they are visible, including wearing brightly colored clothes and using reflectors or wearing reflective clothing while riding at night.
  • Following rules of the road: Bicycle riders must follow the same rules as drivers do, including riding with trafficking and obeying traffic signals.

By following National Safety Council’s advice, bike riders can help to reduce the likelihood they’ll be seriously hurt or killed in a bike accident.

However, if drivers are negligent because they’re distracted, speeding, or otherwise behaving unsafely, there is very little, or nothing, that bikers can do to stay safe from a driver who hits them. Drivers who harm bicycle riders must be held accountable for the damage they’ve caused others to endure. An attorney can help riders or their loved ones to pursue a claim for compensation to recover from irresponsible drivers who cause crashes that result in losses.

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