Pokémon Go Presents New Atlanta Distracted Driving Accident Risk

Distracted driving has become a leading collision cause, with Washington Post reporting that around 5,000 people die in auto accidents each year because of drivers who are not paying attention behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there is now a new source of distractions and it is a major one: Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is a popular game that has taken the world by storm. One big draw is that the game requires people to go out into the world to catch Pokémon.  It is played on a smart phone, so many people end up getting behind the wheel of their cars while on their phone hunting Pokémon. Atlanta distracted driving car accident

Several motor vehicle accidents have already occurred because of the game, and Washington Post warns that many more collisions are likely to occur when drivers make the dangerous choice to use their phones to play while driving. If a crash happens because a driver is using his phone for any reason– including playing Pokémon Go– an Atlanta distracted driving car accident lawyer should be consulted by victims for help pursuing a claim for compensation.

Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents and Pokémon Go

Shortly after Pokémon Go was first released, New York Daily News was already reporting on accidents that had occurred in connection with the game.

In one case, a man was driving his car and looking for Pokémon when he ended up losing control of the vehicle and striking a tree. The engine of the car was almost intruding into the passenger compartment of the vehicle, according to reports from law enforcement officers who responded to the scene of the accident. One law enforcement officer told the News that the man was very lucky he had not been seriously injured. He sustained a broken ankle as well as cuts and bruises on his legs, and he damaged the front of his car and cracked the windshield of the vehicle.

In another instance, a 15-year-old girl was playing the game on her phone when she walked right off the road into a busy intersection where she was hit by a car. Her mother angrily blamed the game for her daughter’s injuries in the accident, saying that the game had caused her daughter to go out and chase Pokémon across a highway. The hospital where the girl went for treatment after the accident told the News that she was not the first patient they had treated with injuries incurred during Pokémon play.

While these accidents were among the first reported collisions because of the game, Washington Post cautions that the problem is going to get worse and more accidents are likely to happen. Motorists simply do not take distracted driving seriously enough, despite the tremendous risks associated with being on the phone while behind the wheel. When accidents happen because drivers are playing Pokémon or are otherwise distracted, victims who get hurt need to understand their rights to pursue damage claims.

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