Older Teen Drivers at Risk of Atlanta Car Accidents

When considering teen car accident risks, many people think of young teen drivers aged 15 or 16 who have just gotten a license. While these teens have limited or no experience and can be high-risk drivers, there is actually another group of teens who may be even more concerning when it comes to worries about road safety. As recent reports indicate, fatal car accident rates for teen drivers have declined in the past decade among young people aged 15 to 17, but the same decline has not occurred among motorists between the ages of 18 and 20. Atlanta teen driving car accidents

Older teen drivers cause a substantial number of accidents, and it is important to understand the reasons why these drivers are so dangerous. Those who are involved in a crash with a teen driver of any age and who suffer injury as a result should consult with an Atlanta car accident lawyer for help making a case for compensation.

The Risks of Atlanta Car Accidents Involving Older Teen Drivers

Reports on the risks of older teen drivers came from a study which was commissioned by Ford Safe Driving for Life. Ford Safe Driving for Life is a program aimed at providing driving safety education to teen drivers. The program reviewed accident data to identify trends and found younger teens were getting in less accidents than in past years, but older teens were not experiencing this decline.

One reason that accident risks are substantial among drivers aged 18 to 20 is that more and more young people are waiting until they are at least 18-years-old to get a license. This means that a larger share than ever of this 18-20 year old demographic group is actually made up of brand new drivers without the experience  a motorist might have if the motorist got his license at aged 16.

Another issue is that graduated licensing programs end at 18, and so do efforts at encouraging new drivers to take enhanced driver education programs. If a young person waits until he is 18 to get a license for the first time, his first license will come with no restrictions even though he is just as inexperienced as someone who is younger. The Governor’s Highway Safety Association has recommended that state lawmakers impose graduated licensing rules that extend into the older teenage years, but this seems unlikely to occur any time soon.

The lack of formal education for older drivers, along with the lack of restrictions imposed upon them when they get their license, is a serious problem for road safety. Older teens, and their parents, need to be aware of the high crash levels when inexperienced drivers get their license and should make certain that extra safety precautions are being taken. If an accident does happen, victims also need to understand when and how they can hold older teen drivers accountable for the harm that these teens cause if the crash causes injury.

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