New Focus on Prevention of Atlanta Drunk Driving Accidents

A decades-long effort to prevent drunk driving fatalities has been successful at bringing down the rate of people who are injured or killed by impaired drivers. Unfortunately, these efforts haven’t been successful enough to eradicate fatalities and injuries caused by impaired motorist. In fact, drunk driving deaths continue to be a big problem and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has named the eradication of impairment-related deaths as one of its top goals on its 2016 most-wanted list. Atlanta drunk driving accidents

NTSB has a number of suggestions aimed at continuing to bring down the rate of drunk driving deaths and injuries. Unfortunately, some of the suggestions may not go anywhere and others have already been tried. Until every motorist makes the commitment to stay sober, impaired driving accidents will continue to happen. Victims of these tragic crashes need to know their rights and should consult with an Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer so they can pursue a case against those who hurt them.

New Efforts to Eradicate Atlanta Drunk Driving Accidents

According to NTSB, ongoing efforts to prevent drunk driving deaths are essential because drunk driving remains such a big problem. Impaired drivers are responsible for about 1/3 of all fatalities on U.S. roadways. Around 13 million drivers responding to a 2013 study indicated that they had driven when they were at the legal limit or above it over the course of the year, and estimates suggest about 112 million car trips are made by drunk drivers each year.

Impaired driving isn’t just drunk driving either, and rates of drugged driving have been rising. In 2005, a survey of drivers in fatal car accidents revealed 13 percent had drugs in their system. By 2009, this number had increased to 18 percent.  Drugged drivers include not just people who use illegal drugs, but also people who use legal prescription drugs that affect driving abilities.

NTSB wants to prevent both drugged and drunk driving accidents with better education, stronger enforcement of the law, and changes to the law.  One proposal would involve lowering the legal blood alcohol concentration limit to just .05 down from the current .08 percent. Many people are already drunk by the time they get to .08 percent, so a lower limit would mean that there are fewer drivers whose abilities are affected by alcohol.  Since a lot of people do drink until they feel they have reached the limit, a lower limit could also help to encourage motorists to stop drinking sooner.

Unfortunately, there seems to be little political momentum for a lower BAC limit, and there is already a lot of education and enforcement of DUI laws. The key to preventing drunk driving accidents is for the drivers who are currently driving drunk to make a commitment not to continue this high-risk behavior that puts them and others at risk.

Getting Help from an Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

If you are one of the victims of an impaired driver, you should be entitled to full and fair compensation for all damages and losses.  It is up to you to pursue legal action. An attorney can help you to get toxicology reports and otherwise gather the evidence you need to make your case.

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