Nearly All Atlanta Car Accidents are Preventable

According to a recent article in the Huffington Post, almost all auto accidents are preventable. The problem is, drivers are not making the right choices to prevent them. Car accident fatalities are becoming more common in recent years after decades of decline, and driver behavior is a big reason why. As the Huffington Post explains, your decisions behind the wheel affect the likelihood of an accident happening. atlanta car accident

When a driver is unsafe as he operates his vehicle, that motorist jeopardizes himself and others. A driver who is careless or who breaks the rules of the road should be held accountable for damages. Contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer to find out what options you have for pursuing a case against a driver who did something wrong and hurt you.

Almost All Atlanta Car Accidents are Preventable- if Drivers Make an Effort!

So, how many car accidents are actually caused by drivers who engage in unsafe behavior? The answer is that around 94 percent of all auto accidents occur, at least in part, because of driver-related factors. This means in virtually all cases, drivers had the power to stop the accident from happening but the choices they made led to the crash occurring.

The types of behaviors that drivers are engaging in which cause accidents to happen are changing. For a long time, drivers were behaving in safer ways. For example, drunk driving has become completely socially unacceptable, and there are fewer people who are impaired behind the wheel today than in decades past. More than 90 percent of all Americans now wear seat belts too, which means that when accidents do happen, fatalities are less likely to occur.

The changes in driver behavior, along with new technologies like antilock breaks and new crash avoidance systems, helped to cause a decades long-decline in auto accidents. Unfortunately, the decline is now reversing. In 2015, there were 7.7 percent more car accidents than in 2014. This means 35,092 people died in 2015. It also means that the year-to-year percentage increase in fatalities was the biggest increase in 50 years.

The behaviors that drivers are doing now which are resulting in more auto accidents include things like continuing to use cell phones and even expanding the use of electronic devices while behind the wheel. People are even playing games like Pokemon Go as they operate their vehicles, so there are ever more distractions stopping drivers from being focused on road safety. There has also been an increase in drugged driving accidents in many locations, and particularly in marijuana-related accidents, as cannabis use has become legal.

If drivers engage in high risk behaviors like driving while fatigued, distracted, or intoxicated, those motorist can and should be held legally liable for losses.  Victims will need to prove the other drivers were to blame so they can recover for the damages the car accident caused them to incur.

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