Multiple DUIs in Multi-Car Accident

Atlanta car accident attorneys know that driving can be dangerous when drivers aren’t careful, but that things like drunk driving make the roads a much more dangerous place than it should be.  A recent news story highlighted how much of a problem drunk driving is in our area, and it was extremely lucky that this unnecessary compounded road accident did not lead to any fatalities, although two individuals were injured and hospitalized.

On Friday, July 5, at around 3am, a seven car pile-up happened in Clayton County near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  The accident happened on I-75 just near the exit for the airport.  The events leading to the accident started with a pedestrian walking on the highway.  The pedestrian was hit by a passing car, which lead to a chain reaction with six following cars, blocking the entire southbound part of the highway for hours.  The pedestrian was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but will face a pedestrian in the roadway charge.  Then, to make the situation worse and more dangerous, of the seven cars involved in this pile-up, six drivers have been or will be cited for driving under the influence.  A local police officer told reporters, “You’re already under the influence of alcohol.  You’re driving.  You see something, some type of accident in front of you.  You’re going to swerve and that would cause other cars to do the same.”


Four of those drivers were taken to Clayton County jail.  William Scott Kirk II was charged with a DUI and following too close.  Najm Martinez was charged with a DUI and driving less safe.  Joseph Daise was charged with a DUI.  And Tawan Hayes was charged with a DUI and following too close.  A fifth, Joshua Noble, was also charged with a DUI according to the Clayton County Police Department.  A sixth driver is expected to be charged with a DUI once he is released from the hospital.

This is also a warning for drivers on holidays or holiday weekends. On the one hand, a spokesperson for the Clayton County Police Department said that it being a holiday was lucky, since there was less traffic on the road.  But on the other hand, along with festivities and celebrations comes the opportunity for drinking too much and getting behind the wheel.  The 4th of July is not the only holiday during which people are driving after being at a party, and on these days there is a need to be especially careful and to not drive if you have had too much to drink.

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