Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys want to remind Georgians to be careful on the road and watch out for motorcycles, bikes, and other more vulnerable forms of transport on the road especially during the warm months.

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Drivers of other vehicles need to share the road with motorcyclists. Road and motorcycle safety is a priority in Georgia, according to a recent article on May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. Rob Mikell, the Commissioner of the Department of Driver Services, said, “It’s up to all motorists and motorcyclists to make our roads safer. All road users need to share the responsibility of keeping the roadways safe. By following road signs, obeying speed limits, and always staying focused on the road, deaths and injuries could be prevented.”

The article points out that motorcyclists are more vulnerable in crashes than drivers and passengers in other types of vehicles. There has also been a worrying national trend against safety: deaths in motorcycle accidents continue to increase, as do injuries. Motorcycle accident deaths accounted for 15 percent of those killed in traffic accidents in 2012. Helmet usage has also declined; in 2012, it was estimated that only 60 percent of motorcyclists wear a helmet, down six percent from the year before.

The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program said drivers of cars and other vehicles should allow greater distance when following a motorcycle, be more vigilant at intersections, and give a motorcycle the whole lane.

A motorcycle crash last month also showed the danger in an accident when two bikes collided. Caleb Wayne Hazzard was trying to pass a car when he came into the path of another motorcycle driven by Merritt Larry Chambers. The two motorcycles crashed and Mr. Chambers was injured and taken to a hospital in Augusta. Mr. Hazzard was taken to East Georgia Regional Medical Center where he died. Reports from Georgia State Patrol Trooper Jamie Holloway said that Mr. Hazzard was driving his motorcycle in a “reckless, careless manner.” This shows the danger motorcyclists can pose to themselves as well, and clearly shows how everyone on the road needs to be responsible and careful. Mr. Chambers was in the wrong place at the wrong time and wound up seriously injured.

The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program also provides tips for motorcyclists, which include wearing riding gear with reflective material to be more visible, not driving a motorcycle in bad weather, staying in a position out of drivers’ blind spots, and consistently using turn signals when changing lanes or turning.

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