Man Killed in School Bus Crash

Late last month, our Atlanta car accident attorneys noticed another story about an accident involving a head on collision between a school bus and a passenger car. Georgians are rightly worried about accidents involving so many vulnerable children, but fortunately, in this case, none of the students were harmed except for one minor injury. But the driver of the car, James Alexander Cooper, died as a result of the accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), between 1998 and 2008, 1,564 people have died in school transportation related crashes in the United States, which equals about 142 per year. The vast majority of those deaths were people in the other vehicles, like Mr. Cooper, in accidents with school buses. Only eight percent of deaths in school bus accidents were passengers on the school bus itself. And in 51 percent of school bus accidents, the front of the bus is the principle point of impact, as it was with this head on collision in Newton County.

In this case, the school bus was transporting 16 students home that day from Indian Creek Middle School at around 2 PM. The students went home early that Friday because of teacher professional learning activities. Mr. Cooper, a 21-year-old from Covington, tried to turn left from his house onto Georgia Highway 36 near Moore’s Road that day. Tragically, he pulled out into the path of the school bus causing the crash that killed him. Friends said he was studying to be a chef and working part time at Publix and that he was known for making everyone laugh. A friend posted on his Facebook, “It didn’t matter what the situation was, he could pull a joke out of thin air. That was pretty much everyone’s favorite thing about him. He will be missed and prayers go out to his family.”

Newton County School System public relations director, Sherri Davis-Viniard, said that the children whose parents came to the scene were released to them, and for the rest of the students another bus came to take them home. Traffic was backed up for hours due to the accident on Highway 36, and also due to the Georgia State Patrol and the Newton County Sherriff’s Office investigation. The police have said that no charges will be filed in connection with the tragic accident and Mr. Cooper’s death.

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