Long-Haul Truckers in Atlanta Face Car Accident Risks

Truckers throughout the state of Georgia are on the roads every day delivering products and services. Unfortunately, the job of these truck drivers has become increasingly difficult as trucker shortages have caused trucking companies to become ever more demanding of their employees. Truckers have been forced to drive for longer hours and sometimes to take unnecessary and dangerous risks. This could result in an increase in motor vehicle accidents which affects not only the truck driver, but also every other motorist on the road. Atlanta truck accident lawyer

When a trucker is involved in an accident, the truck driver or his surviving family members could make a workers’ compensation injury or death benefit claim to get medical coverage and disability income or death benefits, regardless of who was at fault for the crash. A trucker could potentially also make a personal injury claim against other drivers to blame for the accident.

Unfortunately, it is often others on the road who get hurt when a truck accident happens, even if the trucker is the one at fault. These victims may be able to pursue a claim not only against the trucker, but also against the trucking company that employs the driver and that caused the driver to take the risks in the first place. An Atlanta truck accident lawyer can provide assistance to both the trucker and other injured motorists with maximizing the benefits available by exploring all possible options for making injury claims.

Long-Haul Truck Drivers Discuss Atlanta Truck Accident Risks

Safety BLR reported on a recent report published by the National Institute for Occupational Safety which addressed the unique risks that long-haul truck drivers face while performing their work duties. According to the report, which was compiled after conducting an interview of 1,265 long-haul truck drivers at 32 different truck stops nationwide across the United States:

  • 76 percent of truck drivers see the delivery deadlines they face as unreasonably tight, prompting many to do things like driving while they are tired, driving more hours than they are allowed by hours-of-service regulations, and speeding to arrive on time.
  • 35 percent of truck drivers report they have experienced at least one motor vehicle collision over the course of their driving career.
  • 38 percent of drivers indicated they had not received sufficient training when they first started doing their jobs.

When truckers speed, are overtired or are inexperienced, the risk of truck crashes is significantly exacerbated. The majority of victims of truck collisions who sustain fatal injuries are not actually in the truck, but are in another vehicle, are pedestrians, or are on a motorcycle or bicycle.

Those who are on the road but not in the truck are also at greater risk of sustaining serious injuries. Truck crash victims need to consider pursuing a claim not just against the trucker but also against trucking companies who can be held responsible for their own negligence as well as for any on-duty careless actions a truck driver takes.

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